57 Minutes, Mostly Colour

Produced and Distributed by:
Sri Ramanasramam,
Tiruvannamalai 606-603,

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Formats - PAL VHS Tape, VideoCD & DVD in both English and Tamil

This is the first video produced at Sri Ramanasramam. Created to mark the establishment of a new and extensive Archive Building constructed within the ashram grounds.

This video chronicles the life of Bhagavan and includes many rare photographs never seen publicly before. The majority of the film footage was shot in 2003 in digital format, but the video also includes re-processed high-quality film footage of Bhagavan from the Archival Films.

No effort has been spared in producing this video in the highest quality possible. Devotees will not be disappointed. It will be available on VHS tape, Video-CD and DVD.

The Life and Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

In this 73 minute, professionally produced documentary, the unique life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi are artistically unfolded in a chronology of photographs, interviews, narration and archival film footage.

Follow the Sage from his birth in a small village to his final mortal day, as grieving crowds push in from all sides to have their last darshan.

Released after a two year effort of film restoration, interviews, research and travel, with narration by John Flynn, a nationally recognized television and film talent, edited by James Hartel and music by internationally famous artists.

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PAL format - 20 pounds Sterling + shipping. (UK & Europe)

Video CD - available from Sri Ramanasramam, India

Interviews with devotees who lived with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi from 1921 onwards.

List of devotees in this video:
Swami Ramanananda Saraswati (1914)
Annamalai Swami (1906-95)
Balaram Reddy (1908-95)
Kanakammal (1922)
Krishnaswami (1906-96)
Kunjuswami (1897-92)
N. N. Rajan (1906-94)
Prof. N.R.Krishnamoorty Aiyar (1907-94)
Rajapalayam Ramani Ammal (1927-94)
Ramaswami Pillai (1895-95)
Prof. K. Swaminathan (1896-94)
Sampoorna Ammal (1899-93)


A 75 minute video containing reminiscences and teachings from taped interviews with disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi who met him as early as 1914 in Virupaksha cave, and lived with him from 1921 onwards.


Produced with overlays of archival photos and films. Srimati M. S. Subbalakshmi's inspiring renditions of the Maharshi’s compositions provide an impeccable back drop to the stories and narrations delicately strung together with English subtitles and voice-overs.

Soundtrack: ‘The Five Hymns to Arunachala’ - Recorded by Madurai G. S. Mani in Karnatic style

Re-edited, compiled and produced at Sri Ramanasramam in 2005

VHS video tape:
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VideoCD: Now available from Sri Ramanasramam

Filmed using state-of-the-art digital equipment during 2000, 2001 and 2005. A new video created for devotees who enjoy Giripradakshina of Arunachala and the Monday evening Tamil parayana at Sri Ramanasramam. This video contains footage of Arunachala taken from 72 different locations around the giripradakshina path, the inner path, the eight most important shrines (Ashtalingams) and the Deepam beacon being lit at the summit of Arunachala.

Iswara said:

37 - I truly abide here on earth in the form of an effulgence named Arunachala for (bestowing) the attainment (of Liberation).

38 - Since it (this Hill) removes the cruel heap of sins from all the worlds, and since bondage (runa) becomes non-existent when one sees it, it is (named) Arunachala.

40 - In ancient days, when a fight arose between Brahma and Vishnu, who were both born from a part of me, I manifested myself in the form of an Effulgence in order to remove their delusion.

43 - At their further request I, who was in the form of an Effulgence, became the motionless linga named Arunachala & #151; Skanda Mahapurana (Arunachala Mahatmyam)

The mountain 'Arunachala' is situated 125 miles south-west of Madras in the State of Tamil Nadu in India. It is famous throughout India as perhaps the most sacred place in the world, and now in the West as the home of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi known as 'The Sage of Arunachala'.

To perform Giripradakshina (going around the Hill in a clockwise direction) with mind fixed on the Mountain, is said to be the most spiritually beneficial act that anyone can perform in their lifetime. The captivating power of Arunachala, even to complete strangers who know nothing about it, is legendary. Just to be there brings silence to the rampant mind; to meditate on it brings Liberation. This video is dedicated to those who seek true freedom.


65 Minutes, Color and Black & White - Silent, except for two newsreel soundtracks. Archival Research booklet included

Distributed by Arunachala Ashrama - New York
Tel. (718) 575-3215

Produced by Sri Ramanasramam, India in conjuction with Arunachala Ashrama, New York, USA

COPYRIGHT © 1996 Sri Ramanasramam

NTSC + PAL format VHS Tape
$29 + shipping (USA & CANADA)

PAL format VHS Tape
20 pounds Sterling + shipping (UK & Europe)

VideoCD - Available from Sri Ramanasramam, India

From 1935 to 1950, a number of visitors to Sri Ramanasramam shot films of the Maharshi and his environs. Taken mostly by his devotees, these films give us a remarkable opportunity to view a fully-enlightened sage who, in the 20th century, lived like an ancient rishi of yore.

In 1990, the complete collection of archival films were brought to the U.S.A. for restoration, preservation and editing. Two of these films were professionally produced as newsreels with a soundtrack by the Indian Information Bureau and shown throughout India in cinema houses.

This sixty-five minute video is a visual document of a man made perfect by virtue of a unique destiny. Spiritual freedom, eternal peace and joy can be realized by those devoted seekers whose destinies are linked to the Sage of Arunachala, Sri Ramana Maharshi.