The Upanishads

Welcome to the Upanishads section of arunachala-ramana.org.


Unlike the Vedas which can only be read and chanted by initiated Brahmins, the Upanishads can be read and chanted by anyone.


The Vedas do not deal with the Self and final Liberation, but the Upanishads deal with the Self, its Source, Attainment and Final Liberation and are thus the jewel in the crown of Vedic literature.


It is taught that to read and chant the Upanishads, as well as other authoritative works dealing with the Self, helps to destroy the ego and leads to Emancipation.


The translations presented here are in the original form taken from celextel.org, formatted to accord with the style of this site.


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Reading those texts on a daily basis which speak only of the true Self, is said to help to purify the mind and to set one safely on the path to liberation.


I would like to thank Celextel.org for their permission to include these upanishads on my site. The complete set of the upanishads plus many other works can be found on their site here - http://www.celextel.org/