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Translations of Bhagavan's Written Works


Atma Sakshatkara Prakaranam - Sarva Jnanottaram


Translation from a portion of the Sanskrit Saiva Agamas where spiritual instruction is imparted by Lord Siva Himself to Lord Subramanya. Includes Sri Bhagavan's original handwriting in Sanskrit, transliteration of Sanskrit and Tamil text and translation in Tamil and English. The Tamil verse translation is by Sri Bhagavan.


77 Pages


The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi


Edited by Arthur Osborne. A collection of English translations of all Sri Ramana Maharshi's Tamil works, including both his original compositions and others which he translated from different languages. Nearly everything the Maharshi wrote was in response to some request and to meet the needs of some devotee. The editor adds a short note before each entry explaining its genesis.


249 pages






Five Hymns to Sri Arunachala


This is an English translation of the earliest of the Maharshi's poems. These poems, all written around 1914, were later collected and titled Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam. They consist of devotional hymns sung in praise of Arunachala, with directions for attaining the Supreme State.


49 pages






Hymns to Sri Arunachala and Upadesha Saram


Includes Devanagari text.


36 pages


Jewel Garland of Enquiry (Vichara Mani Malai)


Compilation by Bhagavan of Vichara Sagaram from original Hindi by Mahatma Nischaladas.


24 Pages






The Poems of Sri Ramana Maharshi


A versified English translation by Sadhu Arunachala (Major A. W. Chadwick) of Sri Ramana Maharshi's philosophical poems and stray verses. These English translations were gone over word-by-word by the Maharshi and the translator writes, "He was very particular and not at all sympathetic to poetic license....the meaning has been brought out accurately in my verses." Everything, except the Five Hymns to Arunachala, has been rendered into verse and included. The genesis of each poem is also given.


48 pages




An English translation by Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan of the question and answer version of Vichara Sangraham, which is a compilation of answers given by Sri Ramana Maharshi to forty questions asked by Gambhiram Seshayyar between 1900 and 1902. The young Sage, then about twenty, was not speaking at the time, so he wrote his replies on paper. Most of the questions relate to the paths of Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga.


42 pages


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The Song Celestial


Forty-two verses selected by Bhagavan from The Bhagavad Gita on jnana marga. Sanskrit text with English translation.


31 Pages


Spiritual Instruction of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi


An English translation by Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan of Upadesa Manjari, a Tamil work containing seventy questions and answers recorded by Sri Natananandar.


42 pages


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Sri Dakshinamurti Stotram, Atmabodha, Gurustuti, Hastamalakam


Contains works by Adi Sankara. Original Sanskrit text, English transliteration and translation and Tamil verse translation of Maharshi.


124 Pages


Sri Devikalottara (Jnanachara Vichara Patala)


This is a portion of the Upa Agamas emphasising Advaita. Contains Sanskrit text, English transliteration and translation and the Tamil verse translation of Bhagavan.


91 Pages


Truth Revealed (Sad-Vidya)


An English translation of Sri Ramana Maharshi's Ulladu Narpadu and Anubandham, each consisting of forty verses. In these verses, composed, selected and arranged by the Maharshi, the Ultimate Truth and the path leading to It is revealed. The introduction is by Grant Duff.


33 pages


Who Am I?


About 1902 Sivaprakasam Pillai put several questions to the Maharshi and, since the Sage was not then speaking, they were answered in writing. These answers constitute the first set of instructions written by the Maharshi and remain the quintessence of all the teachings he gave thereafter.


31 pages


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Words of Grace


Nan Yar? (Who am I?) and Vichara Sangraham (Self-Enquiry) constitute the first set of instructions in the Maharshi's own words, written by him between 1900 and 1902. These two are the only prose compositions among Bhagavan's works. They clearly set forth the central teaching of Self-Enquiry as the direct path to liberation. Upadesa Manjari (Spiritual Instruction) is the reply to seventy questions put to the Maharshi by Natananandar. Words of Grace is a valuable English translation of these three works.


68 pages


The Works of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi in His Own Handwriting


Published by Sri Ramana Kshetra. Contains reproductions of all of the Maharshi's compositions written in his own handwriting. The last fifty-nine pages provides us with accurate translations of these works.


165 pages


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