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The Restored Prints Available for Purchase

From Sri Ramanasramam in India

The prints shown below are produced directly from computer to matte or glossy photographic paper. They are not ink prints, and can be made to order in any size up to 30 x 40 inches (including half inch border).

These prints are ONLY available from Sri Ramanasramam - please do not request them from any of the other addresses - email the ashram for the price of individual prints.

Standard sizes in inches:- 10 x 12 ..... 12 x 15 ..... 16 x 20 ..... 20 x 24 ..... 30 x 40

All of the prints shown above are from the Restored Photographs - Volume 1


Sri Ramanasramam
Sri Ramanasramam Book Depot
Sri Ramanasramam,
Tiruvannamalai 606-603,
Tamil Nadu,

* (Books, Videos and Photographs)

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