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The Photographs and Videos page

From this page you can access the 117 restored photographs of Bhagavan, 174 photographs of Arunachala (updated December 2013), 46 photographs of Sri Ramanasramam and information on the videos that are available.


Each photograph of Arunachala is also available in a 12" x 8" inch high-resolution format suitable for printing at that size - the links are on each page.


We have tried to make all of the photographs as easily accessible as possible and offer more than one method of viewing them.

The Restored Photographs of Bhagavan

The Restored Photographs section has now been fully updated; it contains 117 black and white and 18 colour photos. The Cooliris slideshow contains all of the restored black and white and coloured photos in two sets, linked to the larger versions.


Go to the Restored Photographs 1

Go to the Restored Photographs 2


(Prints of the restored photos can be obtained from Sri Ramanasramam)


Go to the Prints that are available for purchase from SRI Ramanasranam

Go to the Prints that are available for purchase from USA & Europe

Go to the Prints that are available fro purchase from UK


Photographs of Arunachala and Tiruvannamalai


Go to the Arunachala Photographs


(174 new high-quality photographs of Arunachala updated 2013)



Photographs of Sri Ramanasramam



Go to the tour of Sri Ramanasramam



Videos available for purchase from Sri Ramanasramam

  • The Eternal Light

  • The Sage of Arunachala

  • Guru Ramana

  • Arunachala Giripradakshina

  • The Archival Films



Videos available for download - including the entire Karthikai Deepam festival in FLV format

Videos are in MPEG-1, Windows Media, Real Media or FLV format

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