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Doctor Manickam and Bhagavan's Herbal cures

Dr. Manickam and his family are very humble devotees of Bhagavan. His tradition is 'Herbal Medicine', which combines Herbal remedies with the Ayurvedic and Siddha systems of medicine using modern diagnostic techniques.

He uses and researches some of the medicinal recipes created by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, plus those of his father and grandfather.

All of Bhagavan's recipes replace the more traditional Ayurvedic ones with pure herbal formulae, which have been found by doctor Manickam to have many times the potency and effectiveness of the traditional recipes. They also have no known side-effects.

All of Bhagavan's recipes use herbs found on and around Arunachala, this of course adds priceless value to those recipes.

Anyone suffering from ailments and not happy with Western treatments can contact Dr. Manickam at the address and telephone number below .....

Surgery Address:


Dr. V. Manickam
Sri Ramana Herbs
626-B1 Edukku-Pillaiyar Koil 5th Street
(off the Giripradakshina Road)
Tiruvannamalai - 606 604
Tamil Nadu
South India


Home address:


Dr. V. Manickam
Sri Ramana Herbs
1456/F2 East Second Cross Street
Gupera Nagar
(Near Gupera (Kubera) Lingam off the Giripradakshina Road)
Tiruvannamalai - 606 604
Tamil Nadu
South India


Telephone: 944 343 5745 - Mobile Telephone number


Email - Dr Manickam <> - NEW E-mail address.


Dr. Manickam is a registered practitioner ... Reg. No. 10327 (H)


Dr. Manickam is noted for his dedication and individual care for his patients. It is of course more than desirable for devotees who need treatment to see him personally for serious complaints - this has the added bonus of a stay at Arunachala, but for the more mundane problems I am sure that correspondence will suffice; however, in this case every detail must be included ... diet, symptoms (even minor ones), how the mind is functioning etc.

Please contact the doctor and not me (a patient) with medical/medicinal queries.

A cure for malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases:

Dr Manickam, has recently produced a large quantity of an old herbal cure which destroys the malarial parasite and cleanses the body of all malarial cysts. This medicine, if taken for sixteen days is also reputed to provide immunity against the parasite. It has also proven effective against Dengue Fever.


This herbal recipe was created by Dr Manickam's father with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's blessing over 70 years ago and has been used locally with 100% success.


The recipe consists of parts from 13 different plants, resins, bark and flowers, some are well-known and others are secret extracts known only to his family. The plants are dried and crushed to a fine powder. The powders are then mixed in precise quantities to produce a remedy that is simply mixed with water, boiled and reduced to 50%, then strained and drunk. This cure has no side-effects, is completely wholesome and is 100% effective, even against old malaria.


Dr. Manickam is now dispensing this medication free-of-charge to the local village populace who cannot afford to pay for it, but cannot afford to give it free to everyone.


To download a PDF file complete with some of Bhagavan's herbal recipes and a lot more information about Dr. Manickam, about his father who sat with Bhagavan, and Ayurvedic medicine click here - 207kb

A cure for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE:

Dr. Manickam has a proven herbal treatment for SLE with a 100% cure in over 50% of patients and is happy to provide this free of charge - shipping has to be paid for by you.


Diet is a very important factor in the treatment and Dr. Manickam will provide details of the foods and beverages that you cannot take during the treatment period. If you are not willing to change your diet and habits in order to be cured then kindly refrain from troubling him as the treatment will probably fail or have reduced effect.


SLE is difficult to diagnose as it shares many symptoms that are found in other diseases. Mis-diagnosis by allopathic doctors and non-adherance to diet are suspected as being contributing factors to the reduced rate of success.


Depending upon your symptoms, you may also be required to take additional ayurvedic or other medicines suggested by doctor Manickam; these are readily available from most ayurvedic shops and you must pay for any additional medicines yourself.


A local young man who was suffering from the serious form of the disease and who was taking steroids to control it, has now fully recovered after only three months of treatment by Dr. Manickam. For the past six months he has stopped taking all medication and leads a normal life. Blood tests now indicate that the disease is completely cured.

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