Arunachala Girivalam photographs 1 (updated 2013)

This page contains thumbnail images of the 80 photographs that form the Girivalam set.


There are two methods of viewing the full-size photographs shown on this page. The first opens separate pages for each photograph with a link to the 300mm x 200mm (12 x 8 inches) downloadable version on each page ......

A little background information:

For many years it has been very difficult to obtain clear photographs of Arunachala, even at the relatively short distance of 1km from the base. This is due primarily to pollution from fires, dust and traffic, which clouds the mountain in a thick haze.

The best time to photograph Arunachala is immediately after sustained rainfall, or when there is a strong wind blowing from the mountain towards the town. The following photographs were taken at that time. Many have been adjusted to overcome the haze problem. On this visit I will be taking many more - hopefully of much better quality.

The photographs under this heading will form a complete circuit of the mountain, starting at the Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple and finishing over the centre of town.

Each photograph was taken across clear ground wherever possible, but in some places it was impossible. We have offered more than one view from the same spot where appropriate - wide, mid-range and close-up for those who want to produce prints for their own use (see Copyright information below).

We can also provide high-quality versions up to 36 inches wide for larger prints (with embedded sRGB colour space profile to ensure colour consistency with print houses - (see Understanding colour for a better idea of why this is important), but these are very large files (140mb when opened on your computer and approximately 14mb compressed in the highest quality JPEG format) and will incur some cost to anyone wishing to obtain them. If you require large sizes emailing to you, then please contact us via the 'Contact' link above. The price per large image is five Euros which will go towards the maintenance of this and our other sites - any surplus will be used to purchase better camera equipment for future photographs.

Copyright information:

All of the photographs of Arunachala, etc. on this site are the copyright of the photographer. You can download the photographs for your own personal use for viewing purposes only. You are not permitted to use them in any publication or for commercial gain without express permission in writing from the owner.

If you want your own high-quality photographs of Arunachala and Tiruvannamalai to be included on this site under the same conditions, then please contact us and we will be happy to include them.