Author Topic: Sundaram Iyer's Day - 19.02.2014.  (Read 641 times)


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Sundaram Iyer's Day - 19.02.2014.
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In 1870s Tiruchuzhi was a busy village with 500 houses or more.  Sundaram Iyer was working as an uncertified pleader
in this village court.  He is busy in the mornings with his clients, of whom he has a good number.  And he keeps an open
house; many clients with their friends have their board with him.  Every stranger or a pilgrim found a ready chair at his
table.  His spacious house with two compartments had one portion exclusively for visitors and pilgrims to stay and dine.

He was a goodnatured man and even criminal classes including highway men recognize his goodness and allow his cart
to go unmolested. On the whole, for that village, he may be considered a well to do and important person.  His wife
was a good match for him in feeding the needy abundantly and living a typical Brahmin wife. Iyer was a family man who
started life on a salary of Rs 2 per mensem as an accountant's clerk, maniyam gumastha of the village at the age of twelve.
He deserted that for the more chequered and enterprising life of a petition writer and ultimately obtained permission to
practice as an uncertified pleader. 

As for spirituality, philosophic culture, or religious devotion Sundaram Iyer could not boast of any marked trait.  The priest
who comes to his home regularly did puja for the five forms of tiny images and offered daily food to them before it was
served to the family.   Occasionally he would go to the temples to listen to sermons of religion or reading from the puranas
and itihasas.  He had four children, Nagaswamy, Venkataraman, Nagasundaram and one daughter by name Alamelu.

In the year 1892, he died and merged in Space, leaving his wife and the children.  Venkataraman (Sri Bhagavan) was
then aged twelve. 

O Sundararya tapa phalaya Namah |

The one who was born as a fruit of tapas for Sundaram Iyer.  (Sri Ramana Ashtotaram)

The Jnani was born to this Karma Yogi who lived for others in 1880.             

Today is the day of his merger with Space.

Arunachala Siva.