Author Topic: please educate on latest tips for precautions  (Read 1039 times)


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please educate on latest tips for precautions
« on: September 04, 2013, 11:21:18 PM »
Dear Graham and all others,

Please educate about latest set of precautions to be taken both by male and female devotees while going up the hills or going in inner path.

Even for males,  is there any danger from the so called beggars in the hill path?  they seem to be in young age with pants and ask for alms,  if they look around and no body else to be found, will they start threatening?

What are the precautions to be taken to tackle stray dogs that suddenly bark and monkeys that scare? 

I have seen at one instance,  a young guy saw a group of foreigners climbing virupaksha cave.  I was behind them some feets away climbing.  This guy thought I did not know tamil and told something not very parliamentary in tamil language.  I looked at him casually and then resumed my steps.  This happened on Dec 25th 2012 being a christmas day thank God foreigners and Indians were found in large numbers.  Otherwise I dont think it is safer to roam around the hills alone even for males


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Re: please educate on latest tips for precautions
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2013, 07:44:48 AM »
For the majority of males it is generally safe to walk around the hill and visit the caves alone in daylight, particularly as there is always traffic and other people on the road. However there are now reports of robbery and harassment of males.

It is never safe for single women, especially vulnerable-looking foreign women to do the same, as these are considered fair-game by lots of locals for coercion, sexual harassment and robbery.

The inner path has been closed for several years now, but there are breaks in the fences that people still use.

If you fear monkeys then carry a stick or a few small stones to throw in their direction, the same with dogs. Do not smile at monkeys showing your teeth, as this is a sign of aggression in the monkey world and will bring aggressive responses.

Rape, robbery, violence and murder are not new to Tiruvannamalai. During Bhagavan's time, a lady devotee was subjected to a serious sexual assault inside the ashram just 50 feet away from where He was sitting and that led to ladies being required to leave the ashram before darkness fell and told not to go around the hill alone.

If Bhagavan saw fit to give this advice then it is clear that these situations can be avoided and that it is NOT karma, but dangerous practices that are to blame.

Whatever the case, caution should be practised by everyone, especially in relation with the hundreds of fake sadhus that proliferate here, the majority of whom are misfits and beggars who have been given orange robes by misguided devotees.

A simple case in point - several years ago I was told by local shopkeepers who operated across from the college ground, that three 'sadhus' had taken a mentally disturbed child of about thirteen years into the college grounds in broad daylight and raped her. The locals saw this and did nothing to help her, not even calling the police, because they said that they would only be tortured for money if they registered a complaint.

I asked why they didn't go to the girl's rescue themselves and they just shrugged their shoulders, saying 'what can we do?'

Personally I am certain that the police would have acted upon this, especially where a child is concerned, but local perception is different - or perhaps no-one really cares.

It is a sad fact of life that such things can happen here.



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Re: please educate on latest tips for precautions
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2013, 12:05:36 PM »
Sri Graham and Friends,

If Bhagavan saw fit to give this advice then it is clear that these situations can be avoided and that it is NOT karma, but dangerous practices that are to blame.

Parable of the "elephant God"

"Let me tell you a story. In a forest there lived a holy man who had many disciples. One day he taught them to see God in all beings and, knowing this, to bow low before them all. A disciple went to the forest to gather wood for the sacrificial fire. Suddenly he heard an outcry: 'Get out of the way! A mad elephant is coming!' All but the disciple of the holy man took to their heels. He reasoned that the elephant was also God in another form. Then why should he run away from it? He stood still, bowed before the animal, and began to sing its praises. The mahut of the elephant was shouting: 'Run away! Run away!' But the disciple didn't move. The animal seized him with its trunk, cast him to  one side, and went on its way. Hurt and bruised, the disciple lay unconscious on the ground. Hearing what had happened, his teacher and  his brother disciples came to him and carried him to the hermitage. With the help of some medicine he soon regained consciousness. Someone asked him, 'You knew the elephant was coming - why didn't you leave the place?' 'But', he said, 'our teacher has told us that God Himself has taken all these forms, of animals as well as men. Therefore, thinking it was only the elephant God that was coming, I didn't run away.' At this the teacher said: 'Yes, my child, it is true that the elephant God was coming; but the mahut God forbade you to stay there. Since all are manifestations of God, why didn't you trust the mahut's words? You should have heeded the words of the mahut God.' (Laughter)

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

“You cannot travel the path until
you have become the path itself”