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Niranjananda Swami Day - 27.01.2013
« on: January 27, 2013, 09:00:25 AM »
Today the 27th Jan. 2013, is Niranjananda Swami's Day.

His poorvasrama name is Nagasundaram. He came to Sri Bhagavan in August 1917, when someone told him that his Mother Azhagamma,
who was already with Sri Bhagavan told him to come to Tiruvannamalai. Accordingly he resigned his job in Tiruvenkadu and joined
his Mother and Sri Bhagavan.  He took the decisive step in 1918, in renouncing the world and taking sannyasa. He received diksha
(initiation) and after placing the robes in front of Sri Bhagavan, he donned them.

Sri Bhagavan lived at Virupaksha Cave with His Mother but since there was no permanent water supply, Skandasramam was founded
around  three perennial springs. In 1917, Sri Bhagavan moved there and His Mother started cooking.

Mother Azhagamma took seriously ill in 1922 and Chinnaswami (Niranjananda Swami) along with Sri Bhagavan looked after her day
and night. On May 19th, 1922, Mother Azhagamma attained Videha Kaivalyam.  Her body was taken down from Skandasramam and interred near Pali Tirtham. A lingam was consecrated over the site and a thatched hut built over it. Chinnaswami went there daily in
early morning and evening and did puja for the lingam.

In December 1922, Sri Bhagavan and His close devotees came to say at the Mother's Samadhi and that is how Sri Ramanasramam began. It was in October 1931, Chinnaswami took charge of the Asramam.

After the Mahanirvana of Sri Bhagavan in 1950, the Asramam had a deserted look as many devotees left Tiruvannamalai. Only a few
like Muruganar, Kunju Swami and Viswanatha Swami stayed back. As Asramam Manager, Sri Niranjananda Swami was barely able to
keep the Asramam functioning. The strain of all the hectic years when Sri Bhagavan was alive and so many people came to see Him plus the worry of how to keep the Asramam open, finally broke Chinnaswmi's health and he passed away on 29th January 1953, at 11.30 pm.  His earthly remains were interred in front of the Mother's Temple for which he had labored so hard long.


Arunachala Siva.