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Silence and Upadesa:
« on: December 04, 2012, 01:01:56 PM »
Mr. V. Gupta, a Telugu Pandit, is on a visit to the Asramam. Sri Bhagavan said in the course of conversation: Ahakkriti (the ego) is not the same as aham. The latter is the Supreme Reality, whereas the former is the Ego. It is also to be overcome before the Truth is realized. The Supreme Being is Unmanifest and the first sign of manifestation is Aham Sphurana (the light of 'I'). The Brhdaranyaka Upanishad says
Aham Nama  abhavat (He became 'I' named). That is the original name of the Reality.

The Pandit asked about the operation of Grace. Is it the mind of the Guru acting on the mind of the disciple or anything different?

Maharshi: The Highest Form of Grace is Silence (mouna). It is also the highest upadesa.

Devotee: Vivekananda has also said that Silence is the loudest form of prayer.

Maharshi: It is so, for the seeker's silence Guru's silence is the loudest upadesa. It is also Grace in its highest form. All other dikshas
(initiations) e.g. sparsa, chakshus, are derived from Mouna (silence). They are therefore secondary, Mouna is the primary form. If the
Guru is silent the seeker's mind gets purified by itself.

Devotee: Is it proper that one prays to God or Guru when one is afflicted by worldly ills?

Maharshi: Undoubtedly.


Arunachala Siva.