Author Topic: Sri Ramana Maharshi Youtube video links for teachings and life of Bhagavan.  (Read 889 times)


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Hello everybody,

There are some links on youtube of videos which go into teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and also his bodily life for those who have not seen them. I am not sure if these videos have been uploaded already, but it never hurts to post it again for people who may have missed them.

Abide as self is one which focuses mostly on his teachings but also tell a little bit of the story of his life. The youtube link is:

Sage of Arunachula is one which goes into depth of his bodily life from a young boy and all the way through his Arunachula days. The youtube link is:

Here is  aother videos i found about people speaking of their interactions with him:

This last video is titles Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi Mantra Japa:

I am not sure exactly what mantra japa is and what the purpose of this video is but alot of you may. I know it is not Bhagavad gita. If somebody couple explain to me what this video is about that would be very much appreciated. Never the less, Enjoy.

They are all great videos, Thanks to the people who created them to bring us closer to Bhagavan and understand his knowledge through this stream of media and for uploading them to youtube that we may watch them free of charge no matter who we are or where we are in the world.




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Thanks very much for the video links.The First one is quite a beautiful one with Ram dass as the Narrator.Ram Dass is Richard Alpert,a professor in Harvard university and who explored the psychedil effect of the Chemical LSD.Ram Dass subsequently became a disciple of Neem KarOli Baba.How he watched Neem Karoli Baba take several pills of LSD with impunity is another interesting story that he has narrated elsewhere.I have posted earlier in this forum regarding this.
Ivac,in case you are interested,the music on the Violin towards the end of the Video is a wonderful Carnatic Music Raga-KalyAni.Carnatic music is based on Raga Melodies and each Raga has a set of ascending and descending notes.There are quite a few of these RagAs;so called because they have the power to colour the mind,or rather the innate quality is invoked by these rAgAs.KalyAni is Yearning,Love,Placidity-a blend of these aspects.
Ram Dass is a very sensitive and wonderful narrator and truly relishes what he is introducing.
The Other videos are quite good,with footage of Archival films on Sri Bhagavan.Coming to the People speaking on Ramana,Featured prominently is T N Venkatraman,a former president of Sri Ramanasramam talking about his childhood spent in Sri Bhagavan's company and about his 7 children blessed by Sri Bhagavan.Sri Bhagavan never encouraged anyone to take SannyAsa Robe,and I always wonder why someone should fall for this after 7 children and after death of his wife and after running the asramam for years.Looks like his prArabda!
The Final video is but extensive Archival footage accompanied by Om,Namo Bhagavathey Sri RamanAya.Mantra is nothing but something that grips the mind and shields it from wandering elsewhere.mantra=man(to be pronounced like fun,means mind) +tra(Protects);that which protects the mind is Mantra.
There is no need to get into technicalities,it is enough to remember Sri Bhagavan by Repating Bhagavan,Bhagavan  or Ramana ,Ramana etc.Perhaps this may be sweeter and better serve the purpose!
This is like a common name say Tulasi,is a plant whose leaves are used for pooja.Tulasi is a household name and even a commoner understands;yet when we use the technical name ,we call it Ocimum sanctum and not many people call it that way.We are better off by calling it simply as Tulasi.Quite the same for the mantra;just to make it simple and call on the Divine by chanting whatever name is what is called nAma (Name in English)japa.This is a powerful aid in contemplation and invoking the presence of the Divine.


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Dear Ravi,

I agree with you. Simply chanting the holy name, no need for music, no need for adhara sruti etc., In my case, Arunachala Siva,
Arunachala Siva., quietens the mind quickly.

Arunachala Siva.