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Faith in Ramana
« on: July 11, 2011, 06:36:32 PM »
Dear friends,
Ramana has said that like the passengers in a train, we should keep our luggage in the train instead of carrying the burden on our heads (meaning we offer up our troubles and responsibilities to God and rely upon Him) .

When I tried to put this to practice recently, I found myself inadequate to the task.

A certain person is causing us some trouble and anxiety by his actions (this is not something life threatening or dangerous, but something that will cause us some problem). We wanted to take legal action, but this gave me an opportunity to test my own reliance on Bhagawan.

So instead of taking any action out of self will, I decided to hand over tha matter to Bhagawan and let Him deal with this person.
However, in these 2 to 3 weeks of waiting, the problem persists and that person is merrily doing what he wants (the matter is such that if nothing is done about it in the next few days, it will be beyond redemption).

I am now quite tired and frustrated as I do not see anything positive happening. I am getting the feeling that my own faith is inadequate, or that such worldly matters are too trivial for a Power like Sri Bhagawan.

At the same time, I am wary of doing anything on my own since I have  placed the matter in His hands, and anything I do on my own would mean that I do not fully trust Him!

What should one do in such circumstances? I feel that I have failed in this.


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Re: Faith in Ramana
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2011, 07:11:28 PM »
You have right to action, but not to the results. So, do whatever you must do but don't be attached to results, leave it to God.
You say you are waiting for 2-3weeks, but before that you have just said that you leave everything to Bhagavan, so why are you waiting? where is your surrender?
You should throw EVERYTHING to God: your anxiety, your want for a good outcome, your waiting, your needs, everything should be thrown. But as you see yourself it is not an easy task.
Good practice in these situations: thank God for everything he is giving you. Start seeing such situations as the gift from God.
Understand that waiting or taking action is the same thing, since waiting is action in itself. If you really surrender your actions it means no waiting for anything to happen.


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Re: Faith in Ramana
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2011, 07:27:01 PM »

Dear nobody,

Faith in Sri Bhagavan, as amitall puts it is not inaction and simply faith in Him. No.  If
you have the matter reported to your higher officials [if it is office matter] do it and then
leave the results to Sri Bhagavan. So also, if it is police action or legal suit - do your work
and then pray to Sri Bhagavan in full faith that justice to be done.

Suppose you, god forbid, suffer from jaundice,  you cannot simply put faith in Sri Bhagavan
and avoid medicines. No. Sri Bhagavan does not recommend that way.  You go to good
doctor, take his prescription and take the medicines and then leave the results to
Sri Bhagavan.   As the old adage says, doctor gives medicines, it is Narayana who cures
you.  Have faith in Narayana or Sri Bhagavan.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Faith in Ramana
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2011, 04:53:55 PM »
Dear Sir,

This topic itself is very mysterious.  There is no straight forward answer on what you should do after surrendering something to a Guru like our Maharishee.

Here is why:

It is only after a certain maturit of the soul that the very idea of surrendering something to a Supreme Power will arise in one's mind.

Such an act of surrender itself will vary from person to person on how he will do it.

You may write a letter describing the problem and put in a box .

You may mentally communicate the problem to Bhagavan.

But whatever may be , your act of surrender will be assigned some sort of weightage depending on the intensity.

Then so many factors will collide -- your act of surredner will be also fighting with other elements,  like prarabhda karma,  the Divine Ishwara will,  your own doubts, fears, on the outcome etc.

What we will see as result in the physcial plane is only a net result  -- the invidivual scores for the above factors wont be disclosed.

Net result -- PASS or FAIL.  Who contribued to that FAIL we can never know. Possibly we can only speculate.

But let me tell you one thing -- if you bring a problem to a Guru like Bhagwan or Shirdi Sai Baba,  it will be definitely assume a new dimension -- however low your surrender would have been,  that whole issue will have a new wave of light, a potentiality that will definitely bear good fruit to you in the long run.  Long run means future birth also.

It is touched in the sphere of Bhagavan's focus deliberately --  by your act of surrender.

So that touch will bear its fruits.

Subramanian Sir's approach is what most average people do .  But if your surrender inensity is very very high to an extent that it spreads over your other aspects of life,  you will not bother about anything.  You will  be directed by a higher force and you will automatically do what is required.  In that case, you wont ask this question here . 

We are normal surrenderers,  so let us follow the normal course as Subramanian Sir pointed out.

There is a extreme case of surrender.

Suddenly it will come,  we will be "chumaa iru"  "be still"  state.
Nothing will matter that time.  Our whole body , mind,  pranan,  all thoughts, feelings everything will be completely surrendered to Bhagavan. 

We will start with the first step,  and His grace will lead us to the final goal.


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Re: Faith in Ramana
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2011, 05:16:06 PM »

Dear nobody,

Ego itself is a funny thing. All of us have got egos.  But we ourselves
make it subdued when it is required.  Take for example, your boss is
shouting at you.  [Yours is a private company and there is union]. What
you do?  You simply gulp it. Though what you had done or said was the
right thing. Why? Because of fear of losing the job.  But what we do in
case of an office peon?  If he brings coffee or tea two minutes later than
usual time, you shout at him!  Here your ego operates in full swing.
So is the case with a lover, whom you love next only to you.  She is
a little shrewish and you beg her and seek her consent for a film or
for a walk on the beach.  If it is a friend, you shout at him, for not coming
or coming late.  I have experienced this dance of varied colours of ego.

But what Sri Bhagavan tells is:  In case of necessity, you get angry.
But forget about it after the event. Do not harp on the fact that I was
angry with my wife, my son etc,. for the whole day. The action is over
but do not breed over it. Sri Bhagavan Himself got angry with His
attendants. But it was just a minute job.  Then He remained composed.

Surrendering the ego is not submission to everyone. Taking blows from
everyone, right, left and centre. Submission of ego is submission to God
and God knows whether you have shown indignation for proper reasons
or not. Continue that kind of surrender.  Keeping Sri Bhagavan in heart,
surrender to Him.  Sri Bhagavan says: Nin ishtam, En ishtam. Your wish
is my wish. If He wished you that you should show your indignation at
a particular time for a proper cause, it is fine.  But that does not mean
shouting at everyone, being greedy to possess all things in the world,
keeping jealousy in your heart, since your neighbour has got a bigger car
etc., These should be avoided.

Sri Bhagavan never said do not be inactive. He said: Be effective, be ebullient
in life and at  the same time, believing that Sri Bhagavan is beside you in
all your rightful actions.

Arunachala Siva.