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« on: August 19, 2010, 10:15:13 AM »
Once when a devotee was singing the song "Ramana Sadguru" in front of Bhagavan, Bhagavan also started singing the song. Other devotees were amused at this. Bhagavan said that since by Ramana is meant the all pervading Reality, he can also sing the song.
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Re: Sadguru
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Dear silentgreen,

Yes.  He used to sing this 5th song along with others.  He also used
to sing in Sri Arunachala Aksharamana Maalai, Verse 90:

"Since, You being Ramana, I said all this.  Do not be offended.
Instead come and let us rejoice, O Arunachala!"

Here Ramana is calling Arunachala, Ramana. 

In Sri Ramana Darsanam, it is said:

Only the Supreme Self, which is ever shining in your Heart as the
Reality, IS THE SAD GURU.  The Pure Awareness, which is shining as the inward illumination "I"  is His Gracious Feet.  The contact
with these inner holy feet, alone can give you true redemption.
Joining the eye of reflected consciousness [chidabhasa], which is your sense of individuality [Jiva bodha], to those holy feet, which are the real consciousness, is the union of the feet and head
that is the real significance of the word 'asi' in Tat tvam asi.

Coincidentally, in the same Ramana Sadguru Rayane.... Sri Venkataramana Iyer says in Verse 19;  "He is the astonishingly
sweet taste of jaggery paste and is the form of 'asi' word!

Arunachala Siva.