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Ramakrishna Swami
« on: August 06, 2010, 04:06:47 PM »
Ramakrishna Swami, who had been serving Bhagavn for many years, started visiting a woman in the town. Her relatives caught him in her house, bound him hand and foot and locked him in a room. He managed to escape and came running to the Ashramam, pursued by his enemies. When he enetered the Ashramam gate, they gave up the chase. He entered the hall trembling and fell on the ground shouting 'save me, save me'. After Bhagavan had heard the man's confession, he looked at the culprit with understanding and pity and said, "You don't need to have this fear any longer. Go and sleep."

The Ashramam people requested Bhagavan to send him away, for his presence would tarnish the good name of the Ashramam. Bhagavan called the man and told him in front of everybody, "You have done some wrong, but you were too foolish not to keep it secret. Others do worse things, but they take care not to be caught. Now, the people who were not caught want you to leave the Ashramam because you were caught." The person was allowed to stay.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

“You cannot travel the path until
you have become the path itself”


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Re: Ramakrishna Swami
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I do not know whether the same Ramakrishna Swami.  There was
one Ramakrishna Swami from Kerala, who was the boyhood friend
of Kunju Swami.  In fact, he reached Bhagavan Ramana, without
telling his parents and started serving Him.  It is he, who gave
very positive information about Bhagavan Ramana and so Kunju
Swami followed him, after some time, and reached the Virupaksha
Cave to be with Bhagavan Ramana.

Apart from Ramakrishna Swami, Perumal Swami, Akhilandamma and Ramanatha Brahmachari there were not many with Bhagavan Ramana at that time.

Kunju Swami and Ramakrishna Swami served Bhagavan Ramana
as attendants.  Ramakrishna Swami got Rs 20 from his brother for his food expenses.  Kunju Swami had no such resources.  However,
Ramakrishna Swami agreed to bear the food expenses for Kunju
Swami also. They gave Rs 5 each to one Sowbhagyatammal in the town who served both food i.e., rice, rasam and curries.

Both after some time, thought that they would return to Kerala,
since they have matured in self-enquiry.  They returned to Kerala.
Within a few days, all self attention evaporated and all old thoughts and deeds started pouring in.  So, this time, they both
came back to Tiruvannamalai.  They asked Bhagavan why they lost their pursuit when they were away.  Bhagavan smiled and said:
"You have studied Kaivalyam. One of the verses explains this..."

On the day of first arrival, of Kunju Swami, one attendant, Annamalai Swami had died of plague.  Mother Azhagamma was
weeping.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "See, why are you crying for
the man who passed away.  You have got another son for you

Kunju Swami, on hearing these words, got immensely pleased.

Arunachala Siva.