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Vaikuntavasar was an old attendant of Bhagavan. He later served the Asramam as a Member of the Board of Trustees.

The following article written by him entitled, ‘Bhagavan the Way’ appeared in the April, 1977 issue of The Mountain Path.

It was only in 1940 that I came to Arunachala. Actually I ran away from my house just eight days before my marriage was to take place.

As there were enough sadhus to serve the Maharshi and I did not want to be rejected,I refrained from approaching the Sarvadhikari, Niranjanananda Swami.I went to Palakothu where I befriended Somasundara Swami. I volunteered to sit and watch the dry fruits, nuts and other things exposed to sunlight. I did it with a plan. I knew Bhagavan was coming to Palakothu every afternoon. I spread the fruits very near where Bhagavan was passing by. I was thrilled to see Him notice my sitting there.

Thanks to my utter dedication to this task, I was introduced to the Sarvadhikari, with the useful recommendatory words that I was a sincere man devoid of family ties and perfectly dedicated to whatever work might be entrusted to me. This was put to test by him by assigning to me varied types of work, which included supervising the construction of the present hospital building, purchase of bulls and cows, rice, dal, fire wood, etc. Whatever the job, I used to report everything to Bhagavan before undertaking it and after completing it.

Bhagavan particularly bestowed his special grace on those who undertook service of the Asramam. Not only on me, but on Ramaswami Pillai, who was then going on cycle to town many times daily on Asramam work. Bhagavan used to tell him what had taken place during his absence.

Pleased with my work, the Sarvadhikari posted me in the Hall to attend on Bhagavan. It so happened that the chief attendant, so to say, Madhava Swami,had then left the Asramam. This responsible duty, for which I had been longing all the time, devolved on me by His grace.

Everything I did was done with care and dedication. For instance, I used to devote considerable time to wash the only two pieces of cloth Bhagavan had (loin cloth and a small towel),rinsing them many times in water, changing the water every time. I wanted the clothes to be spotlessly clean.

Massaging His feet was another duty I welcomed. How fortunate I was! I did see, touch, talk and live with Him.

Once I was sleeping in front of His Hall on bare ground. Bhagavan noticed it and asked me that night: “Why do you sleep on the floor?” His sympathetic words were elixir to me. True, I had not thought of clothes or comforts. Yet, the very next morning,Krishnaswami, another attendant, of his own accord bought for me a long yellow bed sheet, though he had not heard of Bhagavan’s enquiry the previous night.

Though I had been rendering personal service to Bhagavan I often felt I had not done enough. So I used to take a broom and sweep the whole path up the Hill, where Bhagavan walked twice daily.

To illustrate Bhagavan’s sense of humour, I relate one incident: Once there was a snake below my pillow; and as usual I went and reported it to Bhagavan immediately. Bhagavan laughingly remarked: “Oh, it is quite all right. What else can make a better bed for you?” (Vaikuntavasar is one of the Names of Lord Vishnu, whose bed is the huge snake, Adisesha).

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ఓం  నమో  భగవతే  శ్రీ  రమణాయ   
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Bhagavan's humour also teaches just to observe the incident may be it is dangerous.



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The most humorous aspect is:  When Vaikunta Vasar saw the snake,
he ran towards Bhagavan Ramana's sofa, and jumped on to it, with
trembling limbs. I think while Kavyakanta was the person who sat
on Bhagavan's sofa, Vaikuntavasar stood and danced on Bhagavan's

Arunachala Siva. 


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Everybody are small children in front of Bhagavan and Bhagavan is the Grand old Father of all. very nice.

Salutations to Sri Ramana

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you have become the path itself”