Author Topic: Part 2 - Few Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi  (Read 753 times)


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Part 2 - Few Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi
« on: June 27, 2010, 11:59:33 AM »
We misapprehend the ego
and call it intellect or mind.

Being of the nature of Bliss,
why does one continue to crave for happiness?
To be rid of that craving is itself salvation.
The Scriptures say, "You Are That."
The imparting of that knowledge is their purpose.
The Realization must be
by your finding out who you are
and abiding as That, i. e., your Self
To be repeating "I am that"
or "not this" is a waste of time.
For the worthy disciple
the work lies within
and not without.

There was no "I" thought in your sleep
whereas it is present now.
The true "I" is not manifest
and the false "I" is parading itself.
This false "I" is the obstacle
to your right knowledge.
Find out wherefrom this false "I" arises.
Then it will disappear.
You will be only what you are --
i. e., absolute Being.

Search for the source of the "I" thought.
That is all one has to do.
The universe exists on account of the "I" thought.
If that ends, there is an end of misery, also.
The false "I" will end only when its source is sought.

The universe is like a painting on a screen.
That which rises and sinks is made up of what it rises from.
The finality of the universe is God --
meditating on Him or on the seer, the Self;
there is a mental vibration "I" to which all are reduced.
Tracing the source of "I",
the primal "I"-"I" alone remains,
and it is inexpressible.
The seat of Realization is within
and the seeker cannot find it as an object outside him.
That seat is bliss, and is the core of all beings;
hence it is called the Heart.
The only useful purpose of the present birth
is to turn within and realize it.
There is nothing else to do.

Is there a mind in the first place?
What you call mind is an illusion.
It starts from the "I"-thought.
Without the gross or subtle senses,
you cannot be aware of the body or the mind.
Still, it is possible for you to be without these senses.
In such a state, you are either asleep
or aware of the Self only.
Awareness of Self is ever there.
Remain what you truly are
and this question will not arise.

The Self is more intimate than the objects.
Find the subject [your Self]
and the objects will take care of themselves.
the objects are seen by different persons
according to their outlook --
and these theories evolved.
But who is the seer,
the cognizer of these theories?
It is you.
Find your Self.
Then there is an end to
these vagaries of the mind.

Yoga implies prior division and it means
later union of one with another.
Who is to be united with whom?
You are the seeker,
seeking union with something.
That something is apart from you.
Your Self is intimate to you.
You are aware of the Self.
Seek it and be it.
That will expand as the infinite.

Man owes his movements to another Power,
whereas he thinks he does everything himself --
just like a lame man bluffing that,
were he helped to stand up,
he would fight and chase away the enemy.
Action is impelled by desire;
desire arises only after the rise of the ego;
and this ego owes its origin to a Higher Power
on which its existence depends.
It can not remain apart.
Why then prattle, "I do, or I act, or I function"?
A Self-realized being cannot help but benefit the world.
His very existence is the highest good.

I exist now. I am the enjoyer.
I enjoy fruits of action.
I was in the past --
and shall be in the future.
Who is this "I"?
Finding this "I" to be pure Consciousness
beyond action and enjoyment;
freedom and happiness are gained.
There is then no effort,
for the Self is perfect
and there remains nothing more to gain.
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