Author Topic: Part 1 - Few Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi  (Read 766 times)


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Part 1 - Few Teachings Of Ramana Maharshi
« on: June 27, 2010, 11:57:13 AM »
"Glory to Sri Ramana the Sage,
Who firmly established in devotion
to the Lotus-feet of Arunachaleswara,
can undo the evil of the world and
the misery of those who take refuge
in Him. Glory to Ramana,
glowing with merciful love for all."

"Bhagavan Sri Ramana's Realization is unique
and unparalleled in the annals of history.
He realised in his boyhood the Eternal Truth,
the Self Supreme, without the aid of initiation
by any external Guru, without the need for
theoretical knowledge and without any study
of the Scriptures, and without having resorted
to any ritualistic form of worship.....other than
his spontaneous realization of the eternal nature
of the "I", the Self Supreme."

The sense of body is a thought;
the thought is of the mind,
The mind rises after the "I"-thought,
the "I"-thought is the root-thought.
If that is held,
the other thoughts will disappear.
There will be no body,
no mind, not even the ego;
only the Self in all its purity.

To remain as the Self
is not difficult.

Why should one think of birth and death?
Are you really born?
....all these are only of the mind.
So long as the body is considered,
birth is real. But the body is not "I".
The Self is not born, nor does it die.
There is nothing new.
The Sages see everything as being
in and of the Self;
there is no diversity in it,
Therefore, there is neither birth nor death.

The soul remains always uncontaminated.
It is the substratum funning through these three states:
Wakefulness passes off, I Am
the dream state passes off, I Am;
the sleep states passes off, I Am;
They repeat themselves,
and yet "I Am" remains.
They are like pictures
moving on a screen at the cinema show.
They do not affect the screen.
"I Am" remains unaffected...

Any new appearances are bound to disappear.
Anything created will certainly be destroyed.
The eternal is not born nor does it die.
We are now confounding appearances with reality.
Appearance carries its end in itself.
What is it that appears newly?
If you cannot find it, surrender unreservedly
to the substratum of appearances;
then, the reality remains as residue.

Engage yourself in the living present.
The future will take care of itself.
Do not worry about the future.

Doubts cease when the confusion is surpassed.

Engage in self-investigation,
then the non-self will disappear.
The Self will be left over.
This is self-investigation of the Self.
The one word "Self"
is equivalent to the mind,
body, man, individual,
the Supreme and all else.

The Real is That what is;
the others are only appearances.
Diversity is not its nature.
We are reading the printed characters
on paper, but ignore the paper
which is the background.
Similarly, you are taken up by the manifestations
of the mind, and let go the background.
Whose fault is it?

Is there a difference between the
individual soul and the Self?
That is what IS.

The mind obstructs the innate peace.
Our investigation is only in the mind.
Investigate the mind;
then it will disappear.
There is no entity by the name "mind."
Because of the emergence of thoughts,
we surmise something from which they start;
that we term "mind."
When we probe to see what it is,
there is nothing of the sort.
After it has vanished,
Peace will be found to remain eternal.
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