Author Topic: Discussion: Is it necessary to kill/destroy the mind to achieve Self-Realisation  (Read 3508 times)


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Kannappa offered one eye to Shiva. Shiva's 2nd eye also started bleeding.Is it a test for Kannappa whether he offers his 2nd eye to Him. It means God wants complete deattachment from body and mind.
He gives everything to man and takes back one by one slowly. When man becomes old, first his heir becomes white then eye, teeth, ears at last his taste. Still man's mind does not to surrender.
Those are so lucky who gets this awakening.



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sorry for the spelling.  It is "hair not heir"



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Saint Kannappar was called Thinnan by his parents.  He came from
the forest hunters' family.  Thinnan means one who is strong.  He
was also called Kannan, because he had beautiful eyes.  The eyes
were giving him self pride and it was the ego.  So Siva wanted to
test his ego.  So, through that drama in Sri Kalahasti, He wanted
Thinnan's eyes.  This is god's play to eradicate the ego.  The egoless state is liberation. 

In one more story of Periya Puranam, Siva wanted the long lushy
black hairs of a devotee's daugther.  Mind you, this girl was to be
married next day!  The daughter and the father agreed.  Her head
was tonsured and the long hairs were given to Siva who came as a bhairva sannyasi, who wanted to make his sacred thread out of this hairs!  As soon as the daughter gave the hair, with the consent of her would be bridegroom (he was also a Siva devotee), Siva appeared before them.  The hairs grew in no time and she got married.

The conquest of the devotee's  most desired possession is the sport of Siva.  This is snapping of the ego.  In Arunachala Puranam,
again a bhairava sannyasi wanted a harlot for the night, as he used to have sex only once in a year.  The king sent word for the harlots
but none were available for the evening.  The king was in a state of fix.  The queen offered herself to go to bed with the sannyasi!
When the sannyasi entered the room and sat on the bed, and when
the queen approached him, Siva became a child.  The childless
royal couple got a child for them.  Even today Annamalaiyar does
annual death ceremonies for this couple and there is a function for this.

{My wife read this story first, she exclaimed:  Siva is the most
horrendous rascal....} 

Incidentally, what prasanth wrote about the ego nature of Kannappa
from Muruganar's song is correct.  The first paragraph is that story.

Arunachala Siva.


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a) Is it really necessary for us to kill our mind to achieve self-realisation?

This doubt is itself a trick of the mind. There is two answers Yes and No. Everyone could get totally different answers from a Jnani.

Absolutely no. How can mind kill itself? Awareness does not rise this question, neither body does.

Absolutely yes. The nature of mind - which is nothing, should be realized by mind itself, then it settles down never to turn outward and rise as this world. (the one by which this mind is seen, the background, has nothing to do with this realization, neither It gains anything, neither loses.)

b) How long can/should a person really stay in turiya(wakeful sleep) state?

How can this question arise at all? Turiya is not a state to be IN and OUT of it.

c) If our teeth bite our tongue do we suggest to remove the teeth so that all problems will be solved?

We are neither tongue, nor teeth, not even biting. So what is there to be solved?