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Maha Puja - 06.06.2010 - 3
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Kapali Sastri continues....

From Skandasramam on the Hill, He was for about 6 months daily
visiting the Samadhi at the foot of the Hill where her remains were
interred, until one day, He suddenly sat there and continued to
stay there to this hour.  (The article was written in 1936.  Bhagavan
Ramana remained there which is the present Sri Ramanasramam, till
His own Mahanirvana in April 1950.)

"Not of my own accord I removed from Skandasramam...He said,
"something placed me here and I obeyed.  It is not due to my will,
sveccha, it is parecha, the will of others or of the Lord."  "Lord,
I have no will of my own.  Thy Will is my will," is one of the oft-
quoted phrases of Bhagavan. Nin Ishtam, En ishtam....

What has so far been stated is enough to show how He looks upon this Samadhi with which, one may say, commenced a new period in the history of His life and the Asramam.  The fact is well known
that from 1922 onwards, Sri Ramanasramam has been steadily growing, the teachings and the influence of the Maharshi are increasingly recognized and spread.  Especially, in the last 70 years, the name of Bhagavan Ramana has touched some of the earnest
hearts from Europe, America and Australia. 

On one occasion, Bhagavan Ramana is said to have remarked,:
"Where is she gone?  She is here!"  This was  taken to mean that she, His Mother, as a freed spiritual being, lived with Him in His
atmosphere.  It may be that the principle of female Energy,
the Sakti, was required to extend and spread the spiritual influence of Bhagavan and that was supplied by His Mother effectively after Her Samadhi.  This need not be discussed further here, as it can be best understood only by the students of occult tradition and knowledge of the East as well of the West.

The greatness then of Bhagavan's Mother rests much more upon other factors than on the fact her great good luck of having been a good and pious minded mother of a spiritual personage of a rare type.  Her greatness lay in her capacity to receive His help and influence in the closing hours of her life and thereby to shuffle off the subtle coils of mortal ignorance before she could get liberated into the eternal of Supreme Peace.  Above all, her worth and greatness are manifest in the increasingly felt influence of the spirit and teachings of Bhagavan, spreading across the shores and entitling her to take the place of the Madonna in the institution of Sri Ramanasramam, whre the Lingam Sri Matrubhuteswara (and
Devi Yogambika) has been installed and is offered daily worship.

Om Sri Matrumukti Vidhayakaya Namah:

                            - Sri Ramana Ashottaram.

"Salutations to the One who conferred Liberation to His Mother."   (It can also mean the One who conferred Liberation to Cow Lakshmi, whom He called as Mother.)

Arunachala Siva.