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Maha Puja - 06.06.2010 - 2
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Let us now turn to the Samadhi and the worship of the Lingam, and
look at the question in the light of known facts, about changes in
Bhagavan Ramana's life before and after His mother came to live with Him in 1916.  (At Skandasramam).  There are good people who are satisfied that the mother of Maharshi was great because she gave birth to a great spiritual figure and became greater after the the close of her earthly life deserving a place of worship, almost for the same reason.

Looking back to earlier years, we can note certain landmarks in the story of His life, that have been the stimuli for drawing Him out, to be responsive to those that who sought Him for help and guidance.

Another period began in 1916, when His mother came to live with Him to the end.  Within a short period of her advent, culinary
arrangements were made, a regular kitchen was started and visitors
and devotees got lodging and boarding.  In this period 1916-1922,
that is, six closing years of her life, Bhagavan began to pay increasing attention to her needs.  Gracious and sympathetic, He
allowed her to have her share of His love and sympathy.  Such was
His spiritual stature that He did not carry about the conventional sastra that a saint must keep himself aloof from the relatives.
He was preparing her for supreme consummation, the true samadhi.  Apart from His silent way of helping her to build her inner life, He gave her useful instructions, narrated helpful anecdotes,
corrected some of her old-world common notions of religious virtues in bathing and eating, of the kitchen religion, but never coerced her, always allowed her to have her orthodox way.  For instance, He
would remark in a jocose style:  "O your cloth is touched by Kunju
Swami, madi (orthodoxy) is gone, polluted.  O religion is gone..
Yes... this onion, drumstick...great obstruction to Moksha!"

When the end came, the blessed lady completely resigned herself
to Bhagavan, making it possible for His grace to be effective.  On the last day of her life, May, 19, 1922, from morning to about 8 in the evening, Bhagavan sat by the side of His gasping mother, with His right hand on her Heart and His left hand on her head until the
life in her body, became extinct and the mind-prana got absorbed
into the Heart, into the Peace that passeth understanding.

Sometime, after the event, when someone referred to the passing away of His mother, Bhagavan corrected him with a curt remark:
"No, not passed away, absorbed."  "Adakkam...Adakkam....Adangi

On another occasion referring to the same subject, He stated, "Yes, in her case, it was a success. On a previous occasion, I did the same for Pazhani Swami, when his end was approaching, but it was a failure, he yawned and passed away."

Further explaining in part what was happening during those ten or twelve hours when His hands were on the head and Heart of His mother, He said: "Innate tendencies, vasanas, or subtle memories of past experiences leading to future possibilities, became very active.  Scene after scene rolled before her in the subtle consciousness, as the outer sense had already gone.  The Jiva was passing through a series of experiences that might have possibly required many births of her.  But for the quickening process worked by the special touch given on the occasion.  The Jiva was at last disrobed of the subtle sheaths before it reached the final destination, the supreme Peace, Nirvana, Samadhi from which there is no return to Ignorance."

Utterances to this effect regarding His mother are aphorisms for which a plain commentary is to be found in the general atmosphere and His attitude to Samadhi and the Temple constructed after the event. 

(From Kapali Sastri's article)

Arunachala Siva.