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ULLadu Narpadu - 157
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Padmalai of Muruganar contains many more verses on the message
of the Verse 25, of ULLadu Narpadu:-

Verse 2214:  As long as the ego exists, how can one see, with a
ramifying mind, the truth of oneself?

Verse 1385:  The ego that becomes embroiled in the multitude of
moving pictures, which gets tossed about and suffers as a result,
is a worthless phantasm.

Verse 1799: The droll dance of the ego-ghost, whose form is the body, the dirty vessel of filth, will ruin the immortal life.

Verse 2526:  Binding one thing tightly to another is the profession
of the ignoble ghost, the mind, the deceiving association.

ULLadu Narpadu Verse 25:-

What a wonder it is!  This ghostly ego which is devoid of form
comes into existence by grasping a form; grasping a form it endures;
feeding upon forms which it grasps another; when sought for it
takes to flight.  Know thus.

Verse 1484:  Those true devotees who have come under the sway
of grace will not get deluded, becoming possessed by the ego-ghost.

Verse 835:  There is nothing as insubstantial as the ego-ghost that
remains firmly established, refusing to leave.

Verse 836:  It is impossible to imagine the suffering experienced
by this world through the sovereignty exercised by that ego-ghost.

Verse 837:  Only through the application of the Vibhuti of Jnana
Vichara will the ghost be exorcised.

Verse 838:  Not only will it be exorcised, it will get beheaded and destroyed before your very eyes.

Verse 701:  What benefit have you gained by associating with an ego, which is just a thought that attracted itself to you?

Verse 1473:  To the ego-mind of ignoble people, the Atma Swarupam that is consciousness, the supreme, is very, very far

Verse 1667:  Seeing him, the ego, the degraded chandala (untouchable), is defilement.  Even hearing about him is defilement.  He is untouchable.

Talks No. 308:-

Bhagavan:  The non-Self is touchable.  The social untouchability
is natural and divine.

Verse 2830:  Unless one knows oneself as the witness, ignorance, which takes the form of the ego, will not be removed.

Verse 1449:  The ego that deludes you through unforgetfulness
will unsettle you, becoming the enemy of your stability.

Verse 2342:  A life in which the ego-ghost, which possesses desire
and attachment, dances is a desolate hell of corruption and ruin.

Arunachala Siva.