Author Topic: giving up the things in Gaya  (Read 1917 times)


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giving up the things in Gaya
« on: May 29, 2010, 01:21:27 AM »
Once I met one couple who went to kashi and Gaya. After meeting them I thought what a devotion both got and went to Kashi.But my surprise did not live long after hearing the story.  Slowly we started the conversation. I asked them have you given up anything there, elders say that if you go to gaya you should give up one fruit, one leave and one vegitable.  Here that lady told me with little sadness, that she gave up paharkai (bitter guard).I know mami loves bitter guard very much but her husband hates it.  Then when I asked what about mama.(her husband)
Immiedietly that gentle man told me, I cannot eat my favourite Koiya Pazhalm. I wondered how it happen. Then that lady told me
there when the sastri asked mama to give up one vegetable, he told him we both give up paharkai which he does not like it,  without asking me. In the same way, by accidently I told the sastri to give up the fruit koiya without asking mama. But both were laughing and told this is the play of God. In our hindu system when you grow old you should have control on your taste so they designed such things. But people do for the sake of sastra and continue the same style after coming from gaya.In general people leave which they do not like or easily not available. People who likes pan very much they should give up the pan leaves instead they give up the THEYAL ILLAI. i.e. in south they stich lotus leave and some trees leave and use like a plate to eat. They say "I went to Kashi so please do not serve on this leave".   If we read Bhagavan's teaching it would help people to give up something slowly and completely.



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Re: giving up the things in Gaya
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2010, 06:53:33 PM »

Dear Ramanaduli,

What is the purpose behind giving up things?  It is giving up desires.
But in practice, the "devotees" try to cheat the god and themselves.
These persons leave the items they desire the least.  Is it really
a non-attachment?  Never.  Persons should leave mango fruits,
greens (for leaves) and beans or avaraikai.  These are real
non attachments.  My sister left pine-apple which we rarely
eat, betel leaves (OK) and bitter gourd.  These are all cheating.

Bhagavan Ramana, voluntarily stopped eating more than once in
a day for 365 days, in Virupaksha Cave.  He did not eat for 27 days
at a stretch in Patala Lingam.  Of course, these were not deliberate,
but He just wanted to go without the botheration of eating!  This
is something very high in non-attachment. 

Non attachment should be followed in its real sense.

In modern days, one should leave cigarettes, watching TV and
wearing silk dhotis.  How many can do this?   

Arunachala Siva.