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ULLadu Narpadu - 121
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Muruganar in his Padamalai, comments on the Verse 20 {and 21}
in some of his verses.

Verse 1144:  To completely abandon the illusory creations of the
ego-mind is the true vision of God, who transcends all concepts.

In Sri Ramana Darsanam, Swami Natananda gives the following
words of Bhagavan Ramana:

There is no one who has not seen God.  God-vision is natural to
all.  Ignorance consists in not being aware of this natural experience
of truth.  As wrong knowledge is only the ego, "the I-am-the-body"
idea, loss of ego means gaining God.  Knowing oneself is knowing
God, and knowing God is only abiding as the Self.  As Self-realization is God-realization, Self and God are not different.

Verse 1581:  Forgetting the perfect and truly joyful state of abiding as God and getting caught in the mouth of the crocodile, the false
and useless ego -- this indeed is pitiable.

Verse 596: Padam, Consciousness, says:  "The mistake of getting
bewildered about one's nature as the Self is the reason for complaining about God or oneself, and for self-pity."

Verse 1076:  Those who ask "Where is God? He is not visible", should enquire "Who am I? Where am I?" and meet God there [where the answer is found].

Verse 1077:  That which appears and shines, without another, in the space of the Heart, and which is encountered there, is the form of God.

Verse 930: Realize that the scenes that expand before you in the form of the world are just a concept of the mind.  Otherwise, see the world as the form of God.  (See also Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, Verse 5 here.)

Verse 931:  If everything that appears is a form of the vast God, how can attraction and aversion be appropriate?

Day by Day entry, dated 18.04.1946:-

Question:  In the fifth stanza of Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam,
reference is made to seeing "Your form in everything".  What
is the form referred to?

Bhagavan:  The stanza says that one should completely surrender
one's mind, turn inwards and see 'you', the Self within, and then see the Self in 'you' in everything.  It is only after seeing the Self within that one will be able to see the Self in everything.  One must realize there is nothing but the Self and he is that Self, and then
only he can see everything as the form of the Self.     

Verse 2904:  God-vision is merely seeing everything that is perceived
and known as the play of God, and [as a consequence] becoming

Talks No. 244 is as under:-

Question:  How is God to be seen?

Bhagavan:  Within.  If the mind is turned inward, God manifests
as inner consciousness.

Question:  Gid is in all - in all objects we see around.  They say
we should see God in all of them.

Bhagavan:  God is in all and in the seer.  Where else can God
be seen?  He cannot be found outside.  He should be felt within.
To see the objects, mind is necessary.  To conceive God in them,
is a mental operation.  But that is not real. The consciousness
within, purged of the mind is felt as God.

Arunachala Siva.