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ULLadu Narpadu - 103
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Muruganar's Guru Vachaka Kovai, covers the message of ULLadu
Narpadu Verses 17 and 18, in many verses.

Verse 1111:  Only the one (who exists as) the space of consciousness,
ever remaining with the same perspective that shines without the
distinction of "Selfward view" and "worldward view", the two perspectives that occur within time, is a Sthita Prajna, who is
unassailably established in Jnana. 

[In Maharshi's Gospel,  Bhagavan says:  To him who is one with that
reality, there is neither the mind nor its three states and, therefore,
neither introversion nor extroversion.]

Verse 1112:  Who is the one who shines as Siva Swarupam, the
Self, having lost his ego, through true awareness of the Heart?
Know that he alone is the Sthita Prajna, who is established in perfect mauna and who remains unmoved under all circumstances.

Muruganar comments further under this verse:

Since such a sthita prajna is a motionless one, he will not swerve
from his state, even if the three worlds suffer destruction.

Swarupa Saram V. 88 says:

Even if the cardinal points change, even if the moon emits heat,
fire becomes cold, or the sun travels north to south, the Self-state of the liberated one who has enquired thoroughly into the primal state will not cease.       

Saint Tirunavukkarasar says in his Tevaram (General - Tani Viruttam
- 8; Running Number 1057):

What if the heavens shudder?
What if the earth trembles?
What if great mountains are shaken from the foundation
           and tumble head over heels?
What if the ocean dries up, and the stars are extinguished?
What if the sun and moon fall down from the sky?
What will it mater to the illustrious ones
   who have become subjects of the incomparable Siva,
He who remained flawless even after consuming he poison
   that arose in the sea?

   (Tr. David Godman)

Verse 1113:  Just as the ignorant, whose minds whirl through
Suttarivu (Tamil - objective knowledge of pointing out), see
everywhere a world limited by sense objects, the Jnani who abides
with his knot (chid-jada granti) untied will, abandoning [the world],
see the Self, the substratum that is Consciousness, present fully 
and shining everywhere.

Bhagavan says in Ramana Gita (9.16):  He for whom the Atman alone shines, within, without and everywhere, as [clearly as]
objects to the ignorant, is called one who has cut the nexus.

Arunachala Siva.