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Ramana Maharshi Devotee Krishnaswami
« on: May 17, 2010, 01:16:44 PM »
Krishnaswami was a native of Srirangam, Tamil Nadu. He came to Sri Ramana in 1936 and was his attendant till Sri Bhagavan’s Mahanirvana.

My native town is Srirangam near Tiruchi,situated in Tamil Nadu. I came to Bhagavan in 1936. Till the end I was his attendant. First there was Madhava Swami with me. Later on Sathyanandha Swami, Salem Rajagopala Iyer, Venkatarathnam and others served as attendants to Bhagavan. As I was strict they called me “Hall Sarvadhikari.” Bhagavan jocularly would remark,“You are very abrupt and speak sharply to others that’s why people mistake you.”

There was a lame puppy, which would wag its tail whenever Bhagavan went up the Hill. That puppy was fed with idlies. One day after having idlies the pup went and urinated in front of Sarvadhikari’s office. Sarvadhikari got wild and ordered that no more idlies should be given to the puppy. When Bhagavan asked why the puppy was not fed, I told him that as it urinated in front of Chinnaswamy’s office I didn’t feed it. Bhagavan got very angry with me and told me, “Before so many have come, ruled and gone, one day you too have to go.” Immediately I went and reported to Chinnaswamy what Bhagavan had told and thus feeding of the puppy resumed.The same mongrel would come in front of Bhagavan with the mouth full of excreta. Bhagavan used to wipe her mouth clean with his own towel and say, “some great soul has come in this garb.” He never gave me the towel for washing.

Bhagavan used to say with a laugh, “A person performs namaskaram to the Swami or an idol, and expects all his prayers fulfilled and boons granted.Who wants this namaskaram? Even before they prostrate physically, I prostrate to them mentally.”

Bhagavan would add, “Who wants all this namaskaram? Try to know who you are. That is the import of the namaskaram. I would not be taken in by all this gymnastics.”

One day he told me “One could produce God through alchemy. But even if that God tells you something don’t believe it. If I come in front of you don’t believe it. The Seer is most important. YOU ARE! That’s most important. Concentrate on the seer, not the seen. All that you see is false and the seer alone is true. All that you read, all knowledge you gather is useless, until you hold on to your Self. YOU ARE THE TRUTH, not what’s being told to you, not what you see. What you read in books may be knowledge, but not the truth.”

Sri Krishnaswami was over ninety years of age when he was absorbed at the Lotus Feet of the Master in the early hours of March 6, 1996. Sri Krishnaswami left the Ashram after the Maha Nirvana of Sri Bhagavan and lived in Pala Kothu. Subsequently he returned to the Ashram and remained as a regular inmate till the last.


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