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ULLadu Narpadu - 72
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Let us see some more Sri Ramana Paravidyopanishad of Sri
Lakshmana Sarma, dealing with Verses 8 and 9 of ULLadu Narpadu:

Verse 209:  For him who regards himself as owner of or dweller
in the body and as being a 'soul', the Real Self Himself becomes
god and he should practice devotion to Him for the sake of deliverance.

Verse 210:  He that knows the Truth of non-difference by the
intellect alone, but is unable to achieve experience of the True Nature
of the Real Self must strive to attain deliverance by devotion and
self-surrender to God.

Verse 211:  Only two Paths are laid down, for the auspicious
deliverance, namely, for the Valiant, (Bhagavan uses the word
Dheera in the original), the quest of one's own Self, and for the
fearful, self-surrender to God.  And in these two, all paths are involved.

(The Quest is the Direct Path.)

Verse 212:  This two-fold path has been taught by the Most Holy
One, Ramana, thus:  Either seek the root of the ego sense or surrender that ego sense to God for being destroyed by His Grace.

Verse 213:  The foolish men, who, considering himself as a Nondualist, but not being valiant enough to take to the Quest
as taught by Bhagavan, and looking upon devotion as inferior,
lives in vain, without devotion to God, is a man with a tainted

Verse 214:  In this samsara, the devotee is like a pot let down
in a well, with a rope tied to it.  The man without devotion is
like a pot fallen into the well, without a rope being tied to it.

Verse 215:  Those who are endowed with the diabolic temperament
cannot have the right kind of devotion.  Hence the good one should
take hold of the divine temperament for practicing devotion to God.

Verse 216:  The power of god, well-known in the world as Grace,
has three forms viz., as God, the Supreme Being, as the Holy Guru
and as the Real Self in the supreme state.

Verse 217:  This Grace of God, is just the fact that He Himself
is present in the Heart as the Real Self. Grace is the very nature
of that Supreme One, and without Grace, He can have no existence.

Verse 218:  That Grace of God is ever wide awake; there is never
a time when that Grace is absent.  But as long as the man's ego-sense is alive, he needs effort on his part.

Verse 222:  God is that kind of magnetic mountain which draws
the souls to Himself, makes them motionless and consumes them
like food, and ever after safeguards them in the Supreme State,
which is one of the endless bliss, which is His own State.

(This is said by Bhagavan in Sri Arunachala Dasakam, Verses
10 and 11.)

Verses 223 & 224: As the river, born by the rains of the clouds
rising from the sea, returns to its source, the sea, and as the
bird, wandering a long time, in that sky, obtains rest by returning
to its home in earth, so the soul, which has originated from the
Supreme One, after wandering in this samsara for immense period,
returning in the reverse direction, rejoins the Supreme One, from
whom he originated.

(This idea is expressed in Sri Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse 8)

Arunachala Siva.