Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Disciple says to end misery is to stop research on World and God  (Read 811 times)


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Sri Bhagavan teaches that the first and foremost need for us is to know ourself, the first person.

From the stone-age to the modern space-age,man, who is filled with so many questions and doubts,has been using his intellect to make research only upon second and third person objects.Man’s,questions and doubts are only about the world and God. Why? Because no man ever raises any questions or doubts about himself, that is, about his knowledge (chit) of his own existence (sat), “Do I exist or not?” Since all doubts rise only about the knowledge which man has of the existence of the world and God, all this time he has been eagerly making research only about these other two entities and not about himself.

What benefits has mankind derived from the progress in knowledge which it has made by dividing itself into two large sections and by making research in the above said two broad directions? The human intellect which started to make research on the world has now discovered a wonderful material science which can split even atoms, the fundamental particles of which this world is said to be composed off. The discoveries made by scientific research are innumerable.But when we consider the unlimited number of objects in the world such as the planets and stars in space which still remain unknown to us, it is clear that there can be no end to scientific research and that the human intellect can never see the other shore of the vast ocean of scientific knowledge. By discovering innumerable powers hidden in the nature such as the power of magnetism, fire, water, steam, wind, petrol, electricity and atomic energy, and by inventing all kinds of contrivances, machines and weapons to make use of these powers, scientific research has resulted in terrible great wars which have made the whole world tremble and which have caused destruction and bloodshed on the hitherto unprecedented scale.

And what about the research made in the other one of the above said two directions? The human intellect which started to make research on God has produced many religions. Each one of these religions has framed and espoused many different beliefs and dogmas of its own, they have divided the people amongst themselves into many different sects, and they have tried to propagate and make all people follow their own dogmas. Since ignorant people are unable to comprehend the common truth which underlies all religions, they become victims to religious fanatism and, due to their attachment to their own religion, they condemn all other religions, they try to convert people of other religions to their own religion, they even stoop to the level of becoming entangled in religious wars, and thus, with the help of the weapons invented by science, they also result in human bloodshed. The history of the world itself bears testimony to this fact.

Should we not try at least now to put an end to all the evils and miseries which have befallen mankind as a result of our “rising” and using our intellects to make research upon the world and God, which are second and third person objects?

Books on psychology, parapsychology and other such sciences which relate to the nature of the mind are merely the outcome of the research which has been made upon the mysteries of this second person mind.

Turning one’s attention towards oneself in order to find out ‘Who am I, who knows the mind?’ alone is the correct first person attention. Anyone who attends to himself in this manner, whoever he may be, will certainly attain the true Knowledge of Self.

Source: The Path of Sri Ramana PART TWO By Sri Sadhu Om
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