Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi's darshan from Distance to elderly woman Sowbagyathammal  (Read 772 times)


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There was a large stone slab where you now see a tiny wall to the east of Skandasram. Everyday we used to keep tooth powder and water over there for use by Sri Bhagavan. However cold it was, Sri Bhagavan would come and sit on the slab and clean his teeth. In the early morning sun’s rays, Sri Bhagavan’s body would shine beautifully. When it was very cold, devotees used to request him not to sit there, but Sri Bhagavan would not listen to them. We came to know the reason for this only later.

In Big Street, which is to the north of Arunachaleswara Temple, there was an elderly woman called Sowbagyathammal. She and a few others had taken a vow that daily they would eat only after they had seen Sri Bhagavan and Seshadriswami. Every day they used to climb the hill to have the darshan of Sri Bhagavan. One day Sowbagyathammal did not come. Among his devotees, if he found even one missing,Sri Bhagavan would ask whether he was all right. In the same way, he asked Sowbagyathammal the next day why she did not come the previous day. She said, “All the same I had your darshan, Bhagavan.” Sri Bhagavan said, “But you didn’t come yesterday.” She replied, “I could not climb the hill because of my weakness. But I was fortunate enough to have your darshan from my house.” She explained how she saw Sri Bhagavan when he was brushing his teeth sitting on the stone slab. She said if he brushed his teeth at the same place everyday, she would be able to see him every day from her house itself as she found it difficult to climb the hill. From then on, Sri Bhagavan brushed his teeth sitting on the stone,irrespective of weather conditions. It was a boon for other elderly people also.

Source: Reminiscences Tamil Original - by Sri Kunjuswami English Translation - by K. Subrahmanian
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