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Flying in the High Sky
« on: March 20, 2010, 10:47:36 AM »
Many devotees who came to Bhagavan, spoke about freedom movement,
poverty in India, the great famine of Bengal, suffering by individuals, slave
life and indescribable suffering of freedom fighters, in Andaman Cellular Jails
etc., etc..  But Bhagavan Ramana only heard them and never replied or never
gave an opinion. 

It is like flying in the High Sky, in an aircraft, tracing the path of Ganga.
You see Ganga descending from Gangotri, coming to the plains, growing
bigger, sometime in white colour some time in brown colour and thinning
out in North Bihar and West Bengal, becoming Hoogly and then merging into
the Bay of Bengal.  The pilot sees only a long stretching, winding streak
of stream of water.  He does not see the corpses floating in Ganga in Kasi,
the people bathing and doing Sandhya, women changing their clothes in
the shades, the garlands and flowers from the half burnt corpses floating
in different directions, etc., etc., 

Bhagavan Ramana was a pilot in the high flying aircraft.  He saw the
Atma and He lived in Atma which is there in all beings.  He did not see
the individual happenings to people and flowers and corpses.  He saw
only the Ganga the long winding river that ultimately merges in the sea.

(Source:  Arthur Osborne's article)

Arunachala Siva.