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Satyamangalam Venkataramana Iyer
« on: March 11, 2010, 10:48:08 AM »
One Satyamangalam Venkataramana Iyer visited Bhagavan when the latter
was in Virupaksha Cave.  It must be around 1910-11.  Ramanatha Brahmachari,
Manavasi Ramaswamy Iyer and Kunju Swami and a few others were with
Bhagavan at that time.  Iyer must have stayed with Him for about 40 days
since Bhagavan Ramana had later mentioned that he wrote the first four
of his five songs (Sri Ramana Stuti Panchakam) at the rate of one song
per ten days. 

Iyer must have surely had some vision when he had darshan of Bhagavan
and he must also have had the advaita anubhuti, as his songs reveal his
state.  He returned from T' malai after about 40 days and he never went
to Bhagavan for darshan at all.  The fifth song, he sent by post.

Bhagavan recalls later to Devaraja Mudaliar (Day by Day) that these
boys, Ramanatha, Kunju Swami and Ramaswami Iyer, had been singing
those songs and played 'kummi'  (a game played by a group going round
and round, clapping hands or by stroking a pair of colored sticks on their hands.) like madcaps.

Sri Ramana Stuti Panchakam has been written even before Bhagavan
Ramana's Sri Arunachala Stuti Panchakam. 

Some of these songs are available in audio tapes and CDs.  A Tamil
book is also available.  The third song PonnoLir Pathu- Decad on
Golden Effulgence, is chanted on Saturdays, in the evening Tamil

Iyer used the word Asi-padatvam, in describing Ramana.  Asi is
'That' is Tat vam Asi.  Asi-padatvam means being in state of That
ever!  No other Tamil songs by devotees contained this wonderful phrase!

Arunachala Siva.