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Do not pacify the mind!
« on: March 05, 2010, 10:36:56 AM »
I have had the same post earlier!
and here its is once again!

Nothing wrong in repeating the truth!

Please do not pacify the mind...
Sri Ramakrishna used to speak of a particular tantric sadhana where they sit before a dead body and do some prayers ... and as a result of it , the ghost keeps raising every now and then ... and whenever it raises up, they pop some rice into its mouth with some mantras and its temporarily silent!

;) while he said it in a different context... when the ghost of mind raises and demands something ... do not give it! do not pacify it! remain as consciousness... neglect it! allow the thoughts to be there ... dont try to fight with it or pacify it! remain as consciousness! Remain with attitude "That is none of my business"

that is the ultimate practice! ;) Try it yourself! intentionally go against some mental conditionings and mind keeps jumping, threatening etc ... allow it ... do not care. treat it like a shadow... say its none of my business! and see what happens!!! its practical.
suppose you find it difficult to wake up early ... do it one day... see the mind jumping , if you sleep on its demand , that is pacifying it... dont do that... allow it to jump... dont allow it to sleep! just see what happens!

dont over do this ... ;) slowly undo the conditionings. do not do it all at once!