Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi supports Sanyasa for Women  (Read 1295 times)


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Ramana Maharshi supports Sanyasa for Women
« on: March 04, 2010, 12:52:02 PM »
Raju Sastri and other pandits well versed in the Vedas and who were coming from town daily for Veda Parayana before Bhagavan and Mahanyasam in the Mother’s temple came a little earlier than usual and told Bhagavan that they had been served orders from the Swami prohibiting them from doing Mahanyasa Puja in Mother’s temple saying, “Sannyasa for women is not permissible, that the Mother’s Samadhi and the linga erected over it is against the sastras, and so Mahanyasa Puja in the temple should not be performed.”

Thereupon Bhagavan said, “In Ramana Gita, in reply to a question Visalakshmamma asked me through Nayana, I have already given a suitable reply to this question,namely, for those women who become parivrajakas through the practice of jnana there is no prohibition either for sannyasa or for samadhi. What more is there to be said now?” They however enquired, “What reply should we give to that Swami?” “Why are you concerned about all such arguments and counter-arguments? So long as he is the head of that peetam he must observe and practise the rules and regulations of that peetam. He has therefore sent his prohibitory orders, in the usual course. It is better we quietly continue our work.Whoever amongst you want to come, may come; others may keep away. Why raise all sorts of doubts?” said Bhagavan.They were fully convinced of what Bhagavan had said and continued to perform Veda Parayana and Mahanyasa Puja as before.

I give hereunder Visalakshmamma’s question and the explanation contained in the Ramana Gita, XIII Chapter:

If obstacles confront women that abide in the Self, does the sastras sanction their renouncing the home and becoming ascetics? -- Sloka 5

If a woman, liberated while alive, happens to shed her body, what is the proper thing to do, cremation or burial? -- Sloka 6

Bhagavan, the great Sage, Knower of the import of all the Scriptures, listened to the two questions and gave his decision: -- Sloka 7

Since there is no such prohibition in the sastras, there is nothing wrong in women abiding in the Self and fully ripe becoming ascetics. -- Sloka 8

As in mukti and jnana there is no difference between man and woman, the body of a woman liberated during life is not to be cremated, for it is a temple. -- Sloka 9

Whatever evils are said to follow the cremation of the body of a man liberated during life will follow even when the body of a woman liberated during life is cremated. -- Sloka 10

Source: Letters from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam Book
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