Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi condems Goat sacrifice in Kali Temple  (Read 1073 times)


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Ramana Maharshi condems Goat sacrifice in Kali Temple
« on: March 03, 2010, 01:14:43 PM »
Nervously Devotee said, “Goats are being sacrificed at the local Kali temple and it is a ghastly scene. It was not so bad before. The bleatings of the poor goats are possibly heard in this room also. It is heartrending. I am unable to bear the sight of blood dripping on the idol of the goddess Kali.” With a tender look towards me Bhagavan said, “Yes, the bleatings are heard here also, but nobody takes any action in the matter.

What to do?” I told him that I had contacted a number of devotees and expressed my grief over the slaughter of the animals at a place so close to the Ashram and suggested that they should take some action to prevent it but they were all afraid of the worshippers of Kali who were well versed in tantric practices and black art. I also told him that there was a legislation prohibiting animal sacrifices in residential areas and that our area had recently developed and so some action might be taken. I also told him that if other devotees did not join me in protesting against these practices, I myself would take up the matter if Bhagavan permitted me. After hearing me patiently, Bhagavan said, “To ask the devotees is no good. Let us see if the worshippers heed to our protests. There is no need to be afraid of speaking to them about this.” When Bhagavan spoke thus, I felt I had been given the strength of an elephant. I returned home and sat up to write seven or eight verses in praise of Goddess Kali the purport of which is: “Oh Mother! this is a place where your son Ramana is living. Why are you assuming your rajasic and tamasic form instead of the sattvic? If you are really fond of having flesh as an offering, why not take the sacrifice of my head? Is it proper for you to take the sacrifice of dumb animals? If you are hungry have you not got coconuts, fruit and sweetmeats? There is pongal also. Please heed my prayers and be satisfied with sattvic food and give up taking rajasic and tamasic food. Not only myself but your son, Ramana, also feels sad and is grieved on hearing the slaughtered goat’s bleatings.” I sat up the whole night and wrote some more verses in the same strain. At daybreak I told my landlord, Raju Chettiar, about these sacrifices and Bhagavan’s remarks.Out of fear of the law and the government officers, or of Bhagavan, they stopped the sacrifices forthwith. I got some signposts made at my expense and had them exhibited there prominently. Bhagavan was pleased when I told him all that had happened. With a look of approval he said, “That is good. This has been happening for a long time. No one has taken any interest in the matter. It was getting worse from day to day. What to do? It has stopped at last.”

From that time onwards animal sacrifices have ceased at that temple. Worship is being conducted with sattvic offerings. Everyone felt it was the strength of the will of Bhagavan that made me carry out this mission successfully.

Source: Letters from and Recollections of Sri Ramanasramam Book

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