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Ramaswami Pillai Day - 14.01.2010 - (3)
« on: January 14, 2010, 09:38:16 AM »
As soon as S.S. Cohen landed in the Asramam on 3rd Feb.1936
and checked into his cottage allotted by the Asramam, he found
that his bunch of keys for the suitcases, was missing.  He grew
a little nervous but placed the suitcases in the cottage and rushed
to the Hall to sit before Bhagavan Ramana.  He looked at Him and
then meditated.  He could not concentrate.  What had happened
to the keys?  How to open the suitcases?  He was in a fix.

After about 30 minutes, he suddenly heard the jingle of keys
falling on his lap.  He opened his eyes and found the keys!  He
raised his eyes and found Sri Ramaswami Pillai!  Sri Pillai was

How come?  The information that S.S. Cohen had lost his eyes,
spread to devotees a few minutes back.  Perhaps with the direction of Bhagavan Ramana or not (I am not sure), Sri Pillai rushed to
the Railway Station.  The Station Master was waiting anxiously
with a bunch of keys, foreign made, so he had concluded that these
must be of the foreigner who had alighted the train.  Sri Pillai
saw the station master.  The latter explained:  "After the train had
stopped, I saw him (Cohen) getting down from the compartment.
In a minute, someone else got into the compartment, found the keys and deposited them with me.  I guessed these must be Cohen's.  So I was waiting for someone to come from Asramam,
searching for the lost keys.  You have come." so saying, the
Station Master handed over the keys to Pillai.  Sri Pillai swiftly
rushed back and dropped the keys on Cohen's laps!

"The whole universe is but a tiny rippe on the infinite ocean of
Satchitananda Ramana.  I meditate on Him, the sublime indweller
of the Heart-Cavity, transcending all thought."

  - From Sri Ramana Gita.  Also used as a invocatory verse in
    Sri Ramana Ashottaram.

(Source:  S.S. Cohen's Guru Ramana.)

Arunachala Siva.