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Sivaprakasam Pillai Day - 12.01.2010 - (6)
« on: January 12, 2010, 04:58:38 PM »
Sri Sivaprakasam Pillai has also written two long poems titled:

1. Sri Ramana Charita Ahaval -  647 lines -  Ahaval - Tamil blank verse.
2. Sri Ramana Anugraha Ahaval - 207 lines

Anugraha Ahaval has been rendered in English prose by David Godman.  The original Tamil version, I think, is not published
by Sri Ramanasramam.  So also Charita Ahaval.

Sri Sivaprakasam Pillai has also made the following works, which
are brief poems:

1. Vinnappam - Submission.  This gives the summary of Bhagavan
Ramana's teachings and also his inability to comply with them

A few excerpts from Vinnappam:  Tr. David Godman.

24. "Remain without thinking. If thoughts rise, without trying to
fulfil them, destroy them like enemies.  As soon as a thought
arises, question (yourself), "For whom is this thought?"  (The
answer), "For me" will appear.  Then, think "Who am I?".  By
thinking in this way, the thought that arose will die."

25. "I am Consciousness. What is my nature?" One must constantly think of this.  When conducting such an enquiry, the obstacles that
rise should be defeated by the above mentioned wonderful weapon, "Who am I?".  Then the restless mind will become clear
and liberation will be attained."  This is what you said.  It is a very difficult path.

27.  Instead of putting up with all difficulties as your will,
instead of, destroying this troublesome ego, that rises as "I"
and remaining with the attitude, "Your will is my will", I am
going in the direction of my fire-like mind, growing the feeling
"mine", paying greater attention to the body and becoming a slave
of the senses.  I spend my days like this.

28.  The limitless thoughts, rising in many ways, have the "I"
thought as their origin.  You said: "Unless all these thoughts
subside, jnana will not arise."  Is it sufficient (merely), to have
given out these precious words?  Ramanadeva, the liberated one, is it not your duty to bless me with mauna?


2. Sri Ramana Upadesam:

One or two samples:

6. What is the meaning of the statement, "Control the mind?"  It means that even when the ego and the rest of the mental functios are born, without succumbing to any delusion, one should destroy them all completely like destroying a great enemy.

9.  "Like the dog that eats human excreta, do not wander seeking women.  If you associate with these, do not come and stand near me."  Sri Ramana said this (indirectly) to me.  O mind, did you act according to the injunction?  You yourself think deeply over this.


3. Sri Ramana Vachana Saram:

This is simple 44 line poem telling about the repeated teachings of Bhagavan Ramana that one is not the body or the mind.

I am completing these posts on Sri Sivaprakasam Pillai, one of the greatest devotees of Bhagavan Ramana and whose liberation was confirmed by Bhagavan Himself in 1948.

Since Ramana's real nature is our own real nature
Ramana darshan is only knowing myself,
(With His grace).

Arunachala Siva.