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Sivaprakasam Pillai Day - 12.01.2010 - (3)
« on: January 12, 2010, 09:57:02 AM »
Sivapraksam Pillai merged in the effulgence of Siva on the 29th
day of Dhanur month, in the year Sarvajit (1948).  His relative
Manikkam Pillai used to come for darshan of Bhagavan often and
in the year 1944 and submitted the work Sri Ramana Sadguru Maalai
of Pillai to Bhagavan Ramana.  Devaraja Mudaliar who was impressed
with Pillai's works had already got some works copied in his personal
note book.  He desired to have this Ramana Sadguru Maalai printed.
A print order of 1000 copies would have cost Rs. 100 those days.
Devaraja Mudaliar had only a spare amount of Rs 40 with him.  He
told the Office that about 400 copies could be printed with that money. However, the Office took his Rs 40 and added the necessary
amounts and got 1000 copies printed!  Mudaliar's joy knew no bounds.  Bhagavan Ramana wanted Mudaliar to write a preface.
When Mudaliar expressed his incapacity to write in classical Tamil,
Bhagavan told him to write it in English and He Himself translated
it into Tamil!

Sri Ramana Sadguru Malai:  (Excerpts)

1. Ramana Saduguru!  The "I" knows the body and the world,
that is made up of five elements.  The "I" is aware of the objects
of the sense perceptions through the five sense organs.  The "I"
thinks of the objects perceived by the five senses through the brain
in the body.

2.  When I was enjoying the world instead of finding out the Truth, by enquiring enthusiastically who this "I" is, you appeared and
revealed within my mind, "You are not the body.  You are of the
form of Self-Consciousness.  then you said:  "If you have the desire to destroy the I-am-the-body ego, think unceasingly that you ae not the body but the Self.  If you think in this way, this thoght will destroy the ego and will also finally disappear.  Then you will shine as Perfection."

4. Ramana Sadguru!  Supreme Self!  Like a deer trapped in a net,
not knowing the way to escape, I fell at your feet again, saying,
"Your feet alone are my refuge.  By answering, "There is no need
to get agitated."  You freed me from fear and saved me.  In this
way, you became my Lord, my father and my mother.

9.  My mind does not subside in the Heart.  Instead it rises as
the "I", escapes and wanders about with a great desire to perform karma.  I do not know the reason for this.  If it is due to my past
karma, then when will this obstructing karma end?  Ramana Sadguru!  If I die, will I get your grace, in my next birth?

11. Handsome Ramana Sadguru!  Through your grace, I realized
that I am Consciousness, not the body that dies.  I should think of myself without losing this Realization.  To lament instead, "My
body has grown old.  What will happen if I lose this state," is a
waste of time.

21. Ramana Sadguru! Lord, there is no shortfall in your grace,
This is certain. There is no doubt at all about this. Without, being near you and serving you, how can I destroy my association with my mind?  It is only the strength of my fate that prevents me from getting this good fortune.  Lord, when will this powerful karma be

22.  Peaceful Ramana Sadguru!  Even after taking refuge in you,
I did not give up my evil traits.  O Pure One!  I lament over the
wrong deeds I commit.  However, I am ashamed both to speak
of these (deeds) before you and to crave your forgiveness.  Consequently, I am in trouble, like an ant caught in the middle of a stick that has both its ends on fire.

        (Tr. David Godman, The Power of the Presence, Volume 1).

Arunachala Siva.