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The Wealth of Divine Grace
« on: January 11, 2010, 01:20:12 PM »
Sadhu Natananda has written a poem titled Tiru AruL Selvam, the
Wealth of Divine Grace. I am not able to readily get the Tamil
original.  Perhaps it is not published by Sri Ramanasramam.  David
Godman has made a translation in prose of this poem and it is given
in his Tr. and Commentary of Sri Ramana Darsanam.

This long poem of 108 couplets (like Sri Arunachala Akshara Mana
Malai of Bhagavan Ramana) describes the devotee's inability to over
come his spiritual defects and after about 50 verses of such lamenting, he begins to change the tone of the poem where he
is thanking Bhagavan Ramana for having given him the grace to realize the Self.

I give a few couplets as translated by David Godman, in his
book Sri Ramana Darsanam.


In order to describe the greatness of the wealth of divine grace,
we bow to the feet of our father Ramana, which banish inner darkness.

The Poem:-

1. For the wealth of divine grace to flourish there is no other
means than remaining close to the feet of Guru Ramana.

2. Even if one searches in the three worlds, it is extremely difficult
to see a Sadguru such as Jnani Ramana.

3. For dog-like me, will the day ever come on which I can settle
down beneath your feet, which are full of ambrosia and which
delight devotees?

9. When I languished thinking, 'When will the day of my redemption come? you blessed me, saying, 'Even after coming to me, why doubt that you will get redeemed?'

10.  Though I had the fortune of blessings from your divine tongue,
which is full of love, I am yet to be rid of my the burden of infatutation, which is full of misery.

15. In the same way, O God! that one chases away an illusory
ghost by chanting a mantra, would it be difficult for you to destroy
the mind, which is ignorance, by utilizing your grace.

25. I have only learned to give detailed explanations of the truth
of Vedanta, but I have not learned to reach the state of Mauna,
which is Nadanta.*  (* Saiva Siddantis call the silence, as end of
sound, Nada+anta).

36.  Experiencing my prarabdha, getting tired, and going to sleep -this will not yield the supreme resplendent state, beyond the three voids.*

(* Three Voids again is Saiva Siddhanta expression called Muppazh, viz., jiva, Iswara and the Jagat.)

56.  I jumped into the ruined well, family life, but He (Bhagavan)
lifed me out and freed me, from misery.  He completely saved me.

60. You declared that to be humble, to become as tiny as an atom, is extremely great.  In this way, you kept me under the shade of your feet, making me, a contemptible person, humble.

68. Losing self-awareness, I was chained in the body by the vile
senses.  I was liberated by consciousness that manifested in my Heart, as the soul of my soul.

80. To me, eye of Jnana, which has seen the truth, the Self appears everywhere.  The illusorynobjects perceived by the senses, which I
saw when I was deluded, no longer appears. 

91. By redeeming helpless ones such as me, He became foremost among saviours, with none to equal Him.

101. Becoming the Heart-Space where my Lord dances, I remained permanently sunk in the ocean of bliss.

107. By explaining the good fortune that comes from the cool but
powerful grace of Sri Ramana, this work will give wondrous joy.

108. Those virtuous ones who cherish this work, which gives wondrous joy, will forever shine as the crown-jewels among
great renunicates.

Arunachala Siva.