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Bhagavan and Seshadri Swami
« on: January 09, 2010, 11:56:58 AM »
Once a devotee of Bhagavan approached Seshadri Swami for Upadesa.

Seshadri Swami told him: "Jnana....Jnana... What does it mean?
Jnana is that which remains after rejecting, one by one, by enquiry,
whatever is transient.  That alone is Reality, God - Lord - I - You
-- all these are only That.   It is madness to wander here and there
thinking that Jnana can be attained only if we go to a mountain
or to a cave."

In speaking like this, he not taught Brahma Vidya succinctly and tersely, he also clarified that Sannyasa was not indispensable for
attainig Jnana.

When Bhagavan Ramana heard about this teaching, He marvelled
by saying: "Ah!  How clearly Seshadri has taught Brahma Vidya!
Are they calling such a great being a madman?  Strange indeed
are the ways of the world!"

From, this it is clear that just as Seshadri Swami knew Bhagavan
and His state,  Bhagavan too knew Seshadri Swami very well.

(Smt. Akhilandamma is one among the many devotees who visited
Seshadri Swami, at frequent intervals.)

Arunachala Siva.