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An incident of Lord Buddha
« on: January 05, 2010, 07:38:12 AM »
This is an incident in the life of Lord Buddha.
Lord Buddha went for begging in a house. The householder instead of giving any alms starting scolding Lord Buddha in various ways like: such an able-bodied person who is a prince and could have done great good to the world by working is now begging. Its a shame, etc.
Lord Buddha listened to him calmly and after he finished, asked whether he (Buddha) can ask a question. The person allowed. Lord Buddha asked that if a parcel is sent to somebody and the receiver does not receive it, to whom does the parcel belong to? The man said that in that case the parcel should come back to the sender. Lord Buddha said that he had not received whatever the person has said, and left.

This incident is quite well-known and although humorous is at the same time profound.
When a person thinks ill of others, the person should first need to create that "ill" in his own mind.
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