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Enjoying Ribhu Gita
« on: January 04, 2010, 01:21:46 PM »
Ribhu Gita Song is Exceptionally beautiful.
If we sit down, relaxed and totally comfortable ...
And just listen to the Truth Explained in Ribhu Gita ... Thats a wonderful way to withdraw!

The Most beautiful aspect of it is ... One need not "DO" anything about it!

When it says "Sarvam Bhranti-eva, Bhranti-eva", Everything is only Mithya, just changing, moving, superimposition on the Self - "Brahmaiva Kevalam" ... Thats a beautiful Teaching ... about which we really do not need to do anything!

This body, the mind ... everything is Bhranti ... Atonce that is the state of affairs ... without our doing anything!
And the Self/Consciousness ... is Ever unchanging... That too is the state of affairs as it is ... without anything for me to do!

What a beautiful way to meditate!