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Sri Ramana Jayanti - 1.1.2010 - 5
« on: January 02, 2010, 01:59:40 PM »
Today, the 1st of January 2010.  Bhagavan Ramana's 130th
Birthday, Jayanti.  On 30th December 1879, He was born late
in the midnight, around 1.30 am. when Tiruchuzhi Bhoominatha
after Ardra Darsan had entered the temple and Bhoominatha
Siva's second son Skanda, had taken a new avatara in Sundara
Mandiram, Tiruchuzhi.  Today, my Father is celebrating His 130th
father, He is my eternal father, with no birth and no death, but
we are celebrating His 130th birthday.  Mother Azhagamma, my
grandma is going to feed all of us, she is going to feed more than
2000 people who attended her son's birth day.

The early morning Asramam, was reverberating with drum and pipe
music, from expert drummers and pipers.  The Samadhi Hall is
decked with flowers and plantain trees.  There is shamina in front
of the Samadhi Hall, stretching upto the far end, to enable devotees to sit without feeling the hot sun.  It is a sunny day, and Arunachala Hill of Fire, is looking brilliant with only white clouds.

Ekadasa Rudram starts with simultaneous abulations with milk,
coconut water, turmeric pastes, sandal paste etc.,  The Lingam is
then covered with golden gasket which is done on every Punarvasu*
day, the birth star of Bhagavan Ramana.  Red carpet is laid in the
middle of the Samadhi Hall for devotees to walk in and on either side, men and women are sitting.  Videocameras are in action.
Slow and dextrously done Abhishekas, then covering of the golden
casket.  Then the flower arrangements, with a metal and flower
prabhavaLi (semi circular back drop) behind.  Then the clothing with silken dhoti and again over it, bhilwa, chamapaka, jasmine and red hibiscus flowers along with generous yellow flowers.and garlands.   
Many devotees, particularly the Western devotees are bringing large
red lotuses parly bloomed for offering.

The the detailed Arti rituals are about to start.  People are chanting
Arunachala Siva, Arunachala Siva.... and also Sri Ramana Tiruvembavai of Muruganar. Then the entry and liberation of Kanakkammal takes place all in quick time.  People, without much
disturbance, removed her mortal remains.  The Arti functions
continue without interruption.  The crowd inside the Hall is swelling.
The gates are closed to avoid stampede and suffocation.  From outside, another hundred people are watching the proceedings.

The Maha Arti takes place around 11 am.  The devotees are exchanging congratulations mutually for their successful visits
on this finest hour.

Dr. Srinivasamurthy and his able assistants are managing the
crowd with all humility but with strict orders.  Towards the end
Ilayaraja, the famous Tamil music director has sung a song on
Ramana.  First, ladies are sent for food in about 3 batches of
500 each.  They serve sweet pongal, laddu, tamarind bath, mixed
vegetable, and curd bath and pickels.  Feeding is done fast and
crowds cleared batch after batch.  I could sit only in the 5th batch
around 1.00 PM.  The Guru Ramana Prasadam is taken with all
relish and joy.  O Bhagavan!  Thanks for your grace! Thanks for
your Karuna, the compassion, matchless. 

After lunch, one more miracle took place.  I met one Mr. Kumar,
who is the father of one Ramana Prasad, who is my son's classmate.  He identified me and came near with his wife and daughter.  Of course Ramana Prasad and my son Hari Balaji
are not there in the Asramam, but the families could meet.  Mr.
Kumar said to me:  "I do not know whether I had told you this information.,   ECHAMMAL is my great grand grand mother.  We
are all Ramana clan right from ECHAMMAL's time.  Now, we are
renewing our friendship through our sons in the fourth generation."
What a wonder!  Ramana Prasad is getting married in Bangalore
on 26th March 2010 and he invited us and also gave Ramana Prasad's e mail ID and took my son's email ID to formally invite my son for the wedding.  So, Ramana clan is growing big but it is
initmate to each other, despite numbers...     

(Punarvasu is a golden star, the star of Ramana and Rama.  Hence
on the Punarvasu day, the Lingam is adorned with gold gasket.
Muruganar has sung some songs under Punarvasu Vannam, the
Hue of Punarvasu, in Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai.)

It is time to get back.  It is a heavy feeling in the heart.  To go
away from our true home, the Ramana Land, the land of Peacocks
and monkeys, the true satsangh, and end up in the concrete jungle called Bangalore. 

We left around 2 pm.  Looking back at the Hill of Fire, after 10
kms from T'malai on the Chengam Road, (the last sight with mortal
eyes), I said:  Bye Bye Father till You call us again.  Take care
of us, with your ever flowing abundant grace, wherever we are.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,.....

Apara satchit sukhavarirase-
ryasyaormimaatram bhuvanam samastam |
guhahitam tam ramanam gabhiram
cintaavihinam hrdi chintayami ||

I meditate in the Heart on Ramana, the
Boundless ocean of Being-Awareness-Bliss, of which
the universe is but a wave, the steadfast One
established firmly in the Heart - Cave's depth,
free from distracting thought.

Arunachala Siva.