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Ramana Jayanti - 1st Jan 2010 - 1
« on: January 01, 2010, 09:03:05 PM »
I suddenly decided to go with my wife to T'malai and be there
for Ramana Jayanti and Lucy Ma's Day (31st Dec 2009).  The
visit from Monday (28th Dec) through 1st Jan 2010, was a refreshing
experience to pay my pranams to Bhagavan and meet some wonderful people, all by accident.

On 28th December, I met Mrs. Banu Ramachandran.  She is the
great grand daughter of Rangan, Bhagavan's child hood friend.
He is the brother of Pokkiri Mani, Rowdy Mani.  Mrs. Banu has
written a Tamil book covering Mr. Rangan and the families of
devotees of Bhagavan Ramana and she distributed the book,
(which should be worth at least Rs 100.00) free to select people.
She explained with tears in her eyes, how Rangan who had worries
about his daughters' weddings and his financial difficulties, while
sleeping on the rock bench, was suddenly woken up by Bhagavan
and was asked:  "Ranga! Is Rs 10000/- enough?"

Next day, he could sell his Madurai house, and this was bought
by one Gopalakrishna Kon, for a unbelievably high price of
Rs 10000/-.  This happened first.  David Godman does not write
about this.   Then Rangan got a business as a commission agent
for the orders of loads procured by him, for Rama Vilas Transport,
Madurai and he started getting Rs 10000/- income once in 3

Mrs. Banu Ramachandran is a nice person.  She had darshan of
Bhagavan and Mother Azhagamma in her wakeful state in her
puja room, a couple of years back.  Both Mother and Son caressed
her head while putting namaskrams to the photos in her vision.
Mrs Banu was talking to me and my wife for about half an hour.
All tears, nothing but tears, throughout her emotional narration.

The doors of liberation are wide open only for such third generation
devotees, whose surrender is unquestionable.

Arunachala Siva.