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The theory of Probability and the Truth
« on: December 26, 2009, 12:53:12 PM »
On 2nd April 1937, a very busy Polish journalist came for a few hours
in the afternoon, within which time, he expected to be shown the
Truth in the clearest possible manner!

Polish:  I have read in your books that one should enquire into the
nature of one's "I" in order to know the Truth, which you call the Self. From biolgical science I have my own answer to the question
of my identity.  What I wish to know is, who are you, you who speak of, and seem to have experienced, the Self?  If another man confirms your statement, and so will a million, then there is the probability of the Self.

Bhagavan:  Have you no self yourself?  Are you then in the region of probabilities , even with regard to your own self?

Polish:  Yes.  One cannot be sure of anything.  Even God cannot be proved with absolute certainty. 

Bhagavan:  Leave God alone for the present.  What of yourself?

Polish:  I want confirmation of the Self.

Bhagavan:  You want confirmation of yourself from others?  How do you know then you exist?

Polish:  By my senses.

Bhagavan:  "My" implies the "I", which owns the senses.  You take your existence for granted, at the same time, ask others to prove it to you.  Similarly you admit the certainty of your senses, which see others, whilst denying all certainty.  You see how you contradict yourself!  The fact is that there are no others.  There is no such a person as "You".  Each man, although addressed as "You", styles himself as "I".  Even the confirmation you demand from others comes only from the "I".  "You" and "they" occur to the "I", without which they are meaningless.

Polish:  If you are right, what becomes of progress and sciece?

Bhagavan:  Progress and science are meant only for the perceiving mind.  For whom is the progress f the mind is absent, say, in deep sleep, or in a swoon?  The goal of all progress and science, you admit, is Truth, which is the Pure Intelligence, the substratum Consciousness, form which the thinking mind sprouts, and into which the same mind is ultimately dissolved, when you call "Perfection", to which science aspires to lead, is attained.  This is what we call realization of the Self, that is, realization of the source of the mind.

(Source:  Guru Ramana, S.S. Cohen)

Arunachala Siva.