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Arunachala Venba - 3
« on: December 20, 2009, 02:06:49 PM »
Arunachala Venba of Sri Sadhu Om, contains some more verses
of exquisite poetry and meaning:

Verse 40:-  Truly speaking, them ego has no independent existence.
In delusion, it appears to possess an existence.  Arunachala
annihilates this darkness of primordial delusion and thus restores
the truly non existent status quo ante of the ego, by arising as the
sun of Self-Knowledge in the bosom of the seeker.   Thus Arunachala
bestows the supreme gift of the union with Lord Siva, which is the
ineffable bliss of ultimate silence and liberation.  Such is the
reward for the total surrender of the ripe soul and which cannot otherwise be won by any other effort,  however mighty it may be.

Verse 45:- However learned in scriptures one is or however severe one's austerities are, yet the sincere seeker is repeatedly tormented by the misery of body consciousness, which is the root cause of all human afflictions.  Tired and vexed with this tyranny of ignorance, the seeker finally surrenders at the divine feet of Arunachala as the ultimate refuge.  Arunachala protects such devotees unfailingly, without ever abandoning their care.

Verse 47:- Atheists who constantly denigrate the Lord and His devotees while preening themselfes to be the sole purveyors of rational thought do not realize that in such a bargain they are
only cheating themselves of infinite bliss, while settling fo petty worldy gains.  Arunachala takes pity on such people too, and shatters their foolish pride in ever so many ways and awakens their hearts to a higher power that rules over all, making them submit to His soverignty and eventually melts even their stony hearts in loving devotion.  Such indeed is the power of Arunachala.

Verse 49:-  Sometimes in a sattvic mood, the mind feels, "Alright, let me abide quickly in the Self." and at other times it rebels.  "Enough let me rise and entertain myself." Thus the ego is continuously tossed in the fiery battlefield of the two-fold modes of mind (Pravritti Vs. Nivritti, that is activity and withdrawal.)  The Grace of Arunachala triumphs in this battle royal of the mind-field and takes the loving seeker into the stillness of the samadhi bhumi and enables him to settle down in perfect tranquillity.

Verse 54:-  Seekers complain in the initial stages.  "Where is this Supreme Self which is utterly invisible?  I keep seeing only this wretched world full of misery."  To such souls who moan and groan under the yoke of ignorance, Arunachala initiates them to enquire as to who is this complaining entity in the first place and leading them further into the self enquiry, eventually reveals Itself as their true blissful Self, thus destroying their tormenting sadness which was never real as in the story of "the missing tenth man."

Verse 55:- Misguided people who seek siddhis (occult powers) with the perverse desire of gaining name and fame in the process are no better than mad man running after pebbles because even if they perform the most austere penance fo aeons of ages. Arunachala will not reveal Itself to them.  For such deluded souls, Arunachala remains ever unattainable.  (The Katha Upanishad states that the Self reveals Itself only to that person who seeks the Self alone to the exclusion of everything else.  Arunachala chose Sri Ramana to reveal Itself because as a lad, He chose to know who he was and faced death fearlessly like Nachiketas.)

(Source: Tr. of Sadhu Tannya Chaitanya, appearing in Mountain Path issues 2008.)

Arunachala Siva.