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Sri Ramana Gitam
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:33:46 PM »
Sri Ramana Gitam, is volume 3 of Sri Ramana Vazhi (The
Path of Sri Ramana) of Sri Sadhu Om.  This volume is full
of nice songs on Bhagavan Ramana's life and teachings.
Since Sri Sadhu Om's Tamil is tough, it has not been translated
and published as one of the volumes of The Path of Sri Ramana,
in English.

Sadh Tanymaya Chaitanya has rendered one of the songs titled
Sri Ramana Mahimai, in English.  This has been published in
Mountain Path, July-Sep 2009.  This poem comprises 30 stanzas
and is modelled on Sri Sankara's Bhaja Govindam.  I shall
give here only a few verses for readers in the Forum:

2. After countless births in the journey of the soul,
We have come to the Holy Feet of the Sadguru at last,
By clinging to them in loving devotion, may we attain salvation
By learning from the Heart, the supreme art of Unlearning!

3. Scriptures and Vedas are indeed a hard torture to learn,
They are hardly a match for the Sadguru's teachings,
For atheists, surely there is no salvation ever;
With faith in Guru's words, we shall attain Deliverence.

10.  The merits of chanting all divine Names,
And the pining love for all divine Forms,
All these gained easily by the Light of Ramana Consciousness,
For all deities merge in the form of Sadguru!

12.  Hoarding wealth, thinking 'This shall we enjoy',
Is but surely inviting misery.
Every name of Guru Ramana is a pillar of god.
Boldly we aver this is the matchless treasure over here!

14. All we see here is in the grip of Lord Yama,
Effects of all karmas are the scorching heat of samsara;
Truly all our needless anxieities and sorrows will vanish,
If only we chant "Ramana" without break.

There is a refrain with which the song is begun and is added
between every two stanzas.

Ramanaya Namo, Ramanaya Namo,
Ramanaya Namo Namo -- May we ever chant thus,
For Bhagavan Ramana is none other
Than Lord Arunachala Siva.
Adorned by the Lotus-Seated Brahma, the Creator,
And dark cloud-hued Vishnu.

The original Tamil verses are available in Sri Ramana Gitam,.
page 46, published by Sri Ramanasramam, 1996.

Arunachala Siva.