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Ashtavakra Gita - 7 [Sincerity, Japa as an Aid]
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Next quality that is very important is Sincerity. Whether its worldly pursuit or spiritual sadhana, sincerity is very important. We often see this lacking.
sincerity means, having taken up a task, i am 100% into it. This needs to be practiced. whenever the mind tries to "take you away from the task", reject that thought and remain with the work on hand. this is how sincerity is to be cultivated.

Traditionally Japa was used as a very nice tool for cultivating these. When a person is insincere, it means the mind is jumping & unconcentrated. So such a person is asked to repeat Lord's name ... he sits down to repeat the name of God and after a few minutes the mind starts its quarrel ... it says "enough, come out" ... and that is the moment when he is supposed to watch the mind. remain detached and not get involved.

infact, japa is the ideal aid for anyone who wants to cultivate these qualities. For example, if one wants to forgive ... when the mind is full of anger or grudge ... those moments , sit and meditate. the mind jumps towards the thoughts of grudge, just bring it back to the mantra.

while doing japa one needs to be very careful and observe all thoughts that pass in the mind. whenever the mind strays to any other thought, just bring it back to the mantra ... the mantra has to be "Repeated" in mind. One has to "Hear the mental Repetition in mind" ... that is the way mantra is used. its as if, we are intentionally placing the God's name in "mind" and seeing the presence of God's name in mind when placed. When anything else ; any other thoughts creeps in, one recognizes its presence --- does not fight it or take a drive with it ... but simply brings the mind back to the mantra. this is the essential sadhana.

One should make it a practice to do every task sincerely. That means, having picked up a task ... one does japa with that task! that is, observe the mind ... be with the task at mental level and then, whenever something drags us away from the task , bring back the mind to the task ... and remain totally with the task. This is a very important sadhana for mental purification.

until the Self Knowledge is Firmly established these qualities and sadhanas are to be practiced to purify the mind. Once Self Knowledge is firmly established ... there are no constraints on behaviour or sadhana ... but these qualities automatically get reflected.

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