Author Topic: The Tragedy of considering the Guru as the Body - 2  (Read 818 times)


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The Tragedy of considering the Guru as the Body - 2
« on: October 07, 2009, 11:26:28 AM »
This tragedy also occurred, though to a small extent in
Sri Ramanasramam, when Bhagavan Ramana left His body
and merged in Mahanirvana.  The disciples left Tiruvannamalai.
A few like Kunju Swami, Annamalai Swami, Major Chadwick
stayed with continuing conviction.  The Asramam had a lean
attendance for about 2 years.  The devotees who went away,
soon came back in larger numbers because they realized that
Guru is a Presence, Guru Tattvam and not the body.  Today,
the devotees' number all over the world, have exceeded several
lakhs, some of them have not even come to Tiruvannamalai,
and many of them were not even born before 1950. The Guru's
Presence is mightier than the body.

Okay.  What do the people expect from a Guru, that too a
Brahma Jnana Guru.  They expect only the Peace, the peace
of the Self-realization, "the peace that passeth all understanding."  The disciples who want only certain material
things, like his daughter should be married soon, or his son
should pass the examination, or even that his disease should
be overcome have not place in the presence of a Brahma Jnana Guru.  They can go to the gurus who can give these.

They pray to His Power of the Presence.  They do not do pada
pujas, or garland his photographs.  Even to pray to his photograph is only to the remembrance of his Presence, and contemplating on that mighty Presence.

Nochur said that when he went for lunch to his admirers house, some started doing pada-pujas to his legs.  He was suprised
and mildly chided them that these were not necessary.  In one case, he went inside the house, the housewife brought a huge brass tray to keep his legs and the husband started pouring gallons of water.  He felt nervous.  He could not stop and go away.  Because he was hungry and he had to eat without any further delay!  He had to reluctantly go through the motions!

The only solution that the Brahma Jnana Guru can give is only towards the aspect of self-realization.  Let us see how others work and a Brahma Jnana Guru works his way.

Arunachala Siva.