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Social Reformation and Self Enquiry
« on: October 02, 2009, 12:50:03 PM »
Some people are interested in social reformation.  If their
prarabdha leads that way, they have to simply pursue it.
One cannot do self enquiry and do social reformation simultaneously. Because, the social refomration is outward
looking and self enquiry is inward looking.  Once some gentleman
who was with Papaji for long years, came and told him:  "Sir,
I am greatly benefited by your teachings.  My mind is at peace.
I shall take leave of you with gratitude."  Papaji asked him:
"What are you going to do in United States, your country?"
The devotee answered:  "Sir, well, I shall conduct meetings.
I shall write books and I shall do social reformation!" Papaji
got angry and told him:  "Fool!  You want to spend even before
you have earned enough.  You want to write books and conduct
meetings and do social transformation.  Even your self abidance
is not complete and you have to do much more mediation and
self enquiry for years.  Instead, you want to do social transformation!  Fie on you!"

Most of us are like this devotee.  We are trying to straighten
the bent tail of the dog.  It can never been done. Many have
done it without success in the past.  Many many Karl Marxs, Gandhis, Nehrus, and Martin Luther Kings have come     
and gone.  The social differences, colour differences, the
differences between rich and poor are continuing in some form
of other.  If you want to improve your life, do self enquiry,
which is an inward looking process, do it wholeheartedly,
thoroughly with minimum expense of time for earning your
livelihood and continue till you reach the goal. Do not try
to sail two boats at the same time.

Arunachala Siva.