Author Topic: The mind always looks for the complicated!  (Read 1004 times)


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The mind always looks for the complicated!
« on: September 26, 2009, 12:28:01 PM »
The human mind always looks for the complicated.  We are
not happy with simple things.  A simple truth as Bhagavan
Ramana propounded, will not attract many.  If some astrologers
say that you do 100 fire sacrifices and then go to this temple
and that temple, for liberation, then one would do that complicated

Bhagavan Ramana said in Atma Vidya Kirtanam:  O, this is
is very easy, this Atma Vidya....  But we find it difficult.
Why?  Because to remain "summa" -  still without any work,
is the most difficult job.  Instead we would do 100 fire sacrifices!
Atma Vidya is easy to understand but difficult to put into
use, in the beginning.  But results are sure to happen.
There may be many pitfalls.  The first is the reflected consciousness, which imagines to be the Self.

The neo-advaitic groups say that they have realized the Self
within seven days.  It is all false.  The reflected consciousness
thinks that he is the Self and with this, they all proclaim that
they have attained the Self.   

Once Americans had to manufacture a pen that would withstand
the non-gravitational fields.  This is for using such pens in space
flights.  The pen will not write without gravitation because the ink
will not flow down on the paper.  They spent a million dollar for this.
Then, they told the Japanese, "See, we have got a pen that would
write while in space travel, without needing a gravitatinal field.
We shall sell you the rights for manufacturing that.  Why not
you pay 10 million dollars?"   The Japanese laughed at the
Americans and said:  "Keep the pen with you.  We have got
black carbon pencil, that would cost only 50 cents, and that
would write regardless of gravitational field!

In today's world, the kids need a calculator to add 2 plus 2.
We have thus complicated simple things in life.  And so with
the Atma Vichara.

Arunachala Siva.